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Name: Be realistic!
Owner/Maintainer: Ellie
Dates: 2004
Type: hatelisting
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: (Wayback, 2004)
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be realistic! is a hatelisting on GeoCities for the Draco/Hermione pairing from the Harry Potter series.

The site was created by Ellie and opened on 3 January 2004. It was only active for a small period, during this time it managed to gain 22 members, all of whom disliked the pairing.



As you porbably know Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger are two of the main characters in the Harry Potter book series. Hermione is muggle-born, in Gryffindor, top of all her classes, and best friends with Harry Potter. Draco on the other hand is pure blood, in Slytherin, wants to be top of all his classes and arch-nemesis of Harry Potter.


I adore Draco and Hermione as seperate characters but I do not understand this pairing. Everyone keeps telling me that the pairing is so exciting and romantic because of the obvious differences but I still don't agree.

The pairing would be oh so Romeo and Juliet with a twist. Frankly, I find that this pairing is unoriginal and only attracts attension because of the conflict involved. At first I liked the idea but then I thought about it; Draco would never do anymore than hate a mudblood. He has been brought up to believe that they are discusting and vile beings that should be wiped out.

Hermione detests Draco's ideas about how society should be run and how his father currupts The Ministry. She started SPEW to free House Elves, so that they wouldn't have to serve Wizards - an idea that the Malfoy's would stronly object to.

No offense is meant by this so please don't flame. If fans of this pairing have the right to make a fanlisting for it then I have the right to have a hatelisting for it.

The name?

When I think about the Draco/Hermione pairing I think "Be Realistic". I just think of the whole thing based on what I have read in the books.[1]

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