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Title: WARPed MIND
Publisher: Boston Star Trek Association
Editor(s): Gail Abend
Date(s): September 1973-Autumn 1976
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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WARPed MIND is a Star Trek: TOS club newsletter for a club out of Boston.

It ran from September 1973 to Autumn 1976, then became Son of WARPed MIND under new management. A few issues have "Warped Mind Junior" on the front page but this doesn't appear to have anything to do with the title change in March 1977.

A Bit of History

The first issue was photo offset and cost half the treasury. After that we went to mimeo via Nesfa then on to the Galileo nth, our own mimeo. When Galileo died (oh, Harry 'Hal Clement' Stubbs named it) a horrible death in a mass of black mimeo ink we went to photo offset again. Volume II number 14 marked the beginning of the sole use of photo offset for WARPed MIND. [1]

Issue 1

WARPed MIND v.1 n.1 was published in September 1973.

cover of issue #1

Issue 2

WARPed MIND v.1 n.2 was published in October 1973.

Issue 3

WARPed MIND v.1 n.3 was published in November 1973.

Issue 4

WARPed MIND v.1 n.4 was published in December 1973.

Issue 5

WARPed MIND v.1 n.5 was published in January 1974.

Issue 6

WARPed MIND v.1 n.6 was published in February 1974.

Issue 7

WARPed MIND v.1 n.7 was published in March 1974 and contains 6 pages.

  • invitation to the April meeting at Shirley Maiewski's house
  • other Star Trek and club news
  • a submission request for One Trek Mind
  • report of the March club meeting (club had 79 members at this time)
  • con news

Issue 8

WARPed MIND v.1 n.8 was published in April 1974.

Issue 9

WARPed MIND v.1 n.9 was published in May 1974.

Issue 10

WARPed MIND v.1 n.10 was published in June 1974 and contains 6 pages.

Issue 11

WARPed MIND v.1 n.11 was published in July 1974 and contains 6 pages.

Issue 12

WARPed MIND v.1 n.12 was published in August 1974 and contains 6 pages.

Issue 13

WARPed MIND v.2 n.13 was published in September 1974 and contains 6 pages.

Issue 14

WARPed MIND v.2 n.14 was published in October 1974 and contains 8 pages.

  • this issue contains an excerpt from an interview with Gene Roddenberry (the editor thanks Carole Brownell and Save the Star Trek Cast)
  • a notice for the November club meeting recommends you bring a sweater
  • minutes of the October club meeting
  • "Remember the Good Old Days? by Mary-Beth Santarelli (her memories of viewing Star Trek in its first run, buying Trek books and comics)
  • a full-page flyer for the 1975 Star Trek Lives! convention

Issue 15

WARPed MIND v.2 n.15 was published in November 1974 and contains 4 pages.

  • this issue has a short ad for Aisha Milele, Fanikiwa
  • the editor notes the club has 130 members at this time
  • there is a short recap of the November meeting

Issue 16

WARPed MIND v.2 n.16 was published in December 1974 and contains six pages.

Issue 17

WARPed MIND v.2 n.17 was published in January 1975 and contains 8 pages.

Issue 18

WARPed MIND v.2 n.18 was published in February 1975 and contains eight pages.

  • announcement and information about the Star Trek movie
  • some puzzles
  • some info on what the celebrities are up to
  • con information
  • club meeting minutes
  • a fan-written resume for Spock

Issue 19

WARPed MIND v.2 n.19 was published in March 1975 and contains eight pages.

Issue 20

WARPed MIND v.2 n.20 was published in April 1975 and contains eight pages.

Issue 21

WARPed MIND v.2 n.21 was published in May 1975 and contains six pages.

first page of issue #21
  • some newspaper clippings about Star Trek
  • information about the June club meeting: "STAR FLEET UNIFORMS are requested by not required to be worn."
  • the editor wrote of club membership: "At this writing we are 146 strong and I know that there are at least two more members in the envelopes I haven't opened this morning."
  • a newsletter update:
    You will still be brought the latest Star Trek news, however, we will be getting away from such things as mystery questions. If more come in they will be added to the newsletter, but they will no longer be a regular feature. Also, there will be more feature articles by members and magazines on items that interest Star Trek fans such as Astronomy, Space Program, Photography, Film.... Anyone wishing to submit an article will be requested to print or type it. It should not be longer than two sides of a page (typed) unless previously discussed with the editor. The number of newsletters will be cut down to six plus occasional specials. We will however, try to concentrate on improving the visual quality of the fanzine. Printing costs, postage hikes( it's going up to 13 cents) and personal reasons require that the number of newsletters be reduced. The cost of membership will remain the same.
  • the editor wants to know if fans would REALLY be interested in seeing Trek come back to television in a new series:
    So fans know (literally) everything about the show and know the characters inside-out, so unless they are very careful in the production of the show, they will change the basic series so that it will no longer be our Star Trek. To coin a phrase," you can't go home again"., and I'm sure that there will "be some major changes if they do revive the show. So, perhaps it would be better if they just started all over again with a different series, and leave us with fond memories. Of course, I do not object to the show's return, but unless they are extremely careful, they will ruin the show.(it could be a replay of 3rd season..or worse).
  • about the May meeting:
    The May meeting (western Mass con) was very successful. The Berkshire mountains, and Connecticut Valley added greatly to the festive mood of everyone. Shirley Maiewski, mail room chief for STW, served hamburgers, hotdogs and fixin's. Jeff Maynard, The Andromeda Light Show with a retinue of people set off rockets in a field. Everyone gathered in groups to either watch ST on the tv or work out story ideas. Convention film clips were shown and films of SF movies (a la Jeff Maynard). Around 7PM Mr. Maiewski brought in barrels of Kentucky Fried Chicken, so the "meeting" went on till after dusk. Among the new faces at the meeting were Diane Cushing, the Boehme's, Barbara Maiewski and Joey and Philip W. Maiewski, old faces and faces we haven't seen in a long time gathered together and had a very good time.
  • some names:
    BSTAer Joel Davis has been made Area Captain of a new area number 18 in Star Trek Welcommittee. He is also being prepared for an assistant department chief-ship. We can be proud that so many BSTA members are VERY active in Star Trek fandom. STW members includes Shirley Maiewski, Barbara Iwanski, Sharon Black, Virginia Walker, Gail Abend, Mary Hartery, Ed Dunn, Jeff Maynard, Vicki James, Carol Ann Lee, Janice Scott, Shirley Huang...and no doubt more to come.

Issue 22

WARPed MIND v.2 n.22 was published in June 1975.

Issue 23

WARPed MIND v.2 n.23 was published in July 1975 and contains eight pages.

Issue 24

WARPed MIND v.3 n.24 ("VOLUME 3, number 24/1 or AUG./SEPT.") was published in August/September 1975 and contains six pages.

first page of issue #24
treasury report for July 1975, "OTM" stands for One Trek Mind
  • the editor writes:
    Welcome to a bright new season of WARPed MIND's. This probably speaks for most of the club. I hope you will continue to enjoy the newsletter. At times it may become larger than previous monthly issues due to its present bi-monthly nature. If it gets too large, however, it will have to be sent third class thus I am going to try to keep it to first class mail proportions. First class mail is due to go up to 13¢ this coming October which is one reason for the decrease in the number of publications.
  • the editor (who has an ad in this newsletter: "[I have] 'I've Got A ONE TREK MIND' buttons. Blue on white 25¢ each plus 10¢ postage. BSTA address. Every member should have one.") writes of her unhappiness of the "commercialization" of Star Trek. She includes the addresses of ABC, NBC, CBS, and Paramount for fans to send letters of complaint [2]:
    Commercialism: the decline of STAR TREK: It is disheartening to many of us to see STAR TREK fall into the hands of commercialism. It seemed to satisfy the fans of the sixties simply to expound upon the philosophies written into STAR TREK. It was a time of great debates, peace marches, sit-ins and public moratorium. STAR TREK, indeed fit well into the lexicon of the times. Today in the seventies most fans, especially the 2nd and 3rd generation fan, are not satisfied with mere philosophy, indeed they have practically forgotten it or cannot see it. It is true that STAR TREK is being used in the academic communities, but it certainly has not reached the height it could have. This is not the fault totally of the fans. Many of STAR TREK's ideas were contemporary and no longer pertain to today, yet so many still ring true that it's profound. Like other post war eras, the people are prone to playful devices to shed the frustrations of the previous decade. Fanzines have increased more than 10 fold. Buttons and bumper stickers are also on the rise. Some of the sayings are clever, some are downright trite. However, as long as they are kept on a fan scale, that is small and non-profit in nature, they remain within STAR TREK fan frame work. However because of the demand for new and "better" items to show off one's "love" of STAR TREK, the commercial souvenir people have gotten a foothold. I am not referring to the STREK collection of books from Whitfield to Foster or Lincoln Enterprises bona fide material. It is the person or item that assumes that STAR TREK fans are a hoard of gullable [sic] children who will sucumb [sic] to all the sensationalism of their advertising. From models of ships to dolls of the stars, from buttons to poorly printed t-shirts and now a walkie talkie communicator, frozen pops and Spock and Kirk parachute sets. If you own a lovely medallion drawn by fan and pro artist Allan Asherman or a spectacular painting from fans and professionals Alicia Austin and George Richards you certainly have a treasure from the STAR TREK era. Or a collection of film clips, some pictures, books, an autograph. Certainly quality memorabilia are worth having. Again, to encourage the manufacture and sale of such items as freezicles or parachutes is degrading. I am hopeful that the STAR TREK movie will bring back the true meaning behind STAR TREK and what it means to be a STAR TREK fan. "Yes, Mr. Spock. The whole affair is quite illogical."
  • regarding the recent fan gathering:
    AUGUST : a sunny Sudbury affair: The second anniversary party of the Boston Star Trek Association began at 2PM on August 23 on one of the lovliest days of this summer season. About 25 people showed up including animation author Howard Weinstein (Pirates of Orion). It was a pleasure to see some new faces and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. The party feast included hamburgers, macaroni, fudge, brownies, tonic (soda, soda pop), punch, chips, rumballs, cake, cupcakes, fritos, meatballs.... Host Steve Langford had enough leftovers to see him through another harsh New England winter. A few walkie talkie communicators floated around along with their annoying beep. Pictures and artwork also made the rounds. The costumes included: A Klingon, Andorian, a man from Eminiar VII, Zorro, Illya Kuryakin, Sherlock Holmes (without deerstalker), a colonial, a cheerleader, a frontierswoman, Columbo, Spiderman, Radar O'Reilly, Henry Blake, Danny Wild, an antenna (shore leave), Baretta, a mousketeer, Lokai or other inhabitant of Cheron, and more uncle agents.... It was wonderful to see everyone use their imagination and come up with some nice costumes.

Issue 25

WARPed MIND v.3 n.2 was published in October/November 1975 and contains 8 pages.

first page of issue #25
  • this issue has four short bios of some club members
  • this issue has the usual meeting minutes, con announcements, ads, member addresses and phone numbers
  • a fan, the editor of One Trek Mind, writes:
    Cooperations: In the before time[3] a few people decided to start the BSTA for local Star Trek fans. It was a noble idea, but we need your help to please all the members. Let us know what you want to see in the newsletters etc. The profiles request was answered by only four people out of over 170 members. We need articles on your ideas for the WM. The OTM is your fanzine, but not many of you are responding. We've had to ask, outside help which is embarrassing. I'm sure no one wants a 15 page zine, so please send your stories, poems, songs etc. If you do submit something, use your discretion, We can't print obscene material or stories that would be unbelievable to fans. If you're housing a meeting, send a map to Gail with directions as soon as possible. Many times Gail has had to draw a map of a place she's never been to. In medieval lore, King Arthur started a noble cause, the Round Table. Gail and the other originators also started something grand, but like the Round Table, it could crack without that little bit of COOPERATION.
  • a fan addresses a comment from the last issue:
    Fandom condones commercialism: I am in total agreement with Gail's views on commercialism. However, I feel most fans help condone these poor products that are now flooding the markets. Many fans today must buy every Trek product that comes out today, such as the new ST communicators which are an insult to adult fans. If fans didn't rush to buy these articles, the market would drop. I feel fandom on the whole is slowly deteriorating from the greatness of years ago. Originally fans got together to discuss the ideals if ST whereas most fans now can only spout about pon farr or inane trivia. Writers will only write for well known fanzines instead of just enjoying ST stories and realizing most are just written for fun. Most fans criticize other stories which often leads to hurt feelings and fans may come afraid to write in the future. Many fans only help at conventions to get close to the stars to the extent of neglecting their duties. This sometimes could lead to serious problems. Do you agree? I'd like to hear other members' viewpoints.

Issue 26

WARPed MIND v.3 n.26 was published Dec/Jan 1975/1976 and contains 12 pages.

first page of issue #26
  • a report of Leonard Nimoy's appearance in Boston at Northeastern University on October 24, 1975 as a guest of the Distinguished Visitor's Program. As he walked onstage to a standing ovation, Nimoy commented: "You're an emotional group of humans," a line he used often. When asked about his character in Mission Impossible, he said: "They were 2 dimensional characters... I was a character for a few hours. It became boring."
  • a clipping by Diane White from an unidentified newspaper about Boston accents, doesn't mention Star Trek at all
  • a copy of a form letter protesting the killing of porpoises
  • misc notes include: "Dorothy Fontana wrote a lovely story of an impossible love on a recent rerun of Bonanza."
  • there is a list of sixteen new members' names and addresses printed in the roster
  • this issue has several member profiles: one fan writes that "... though I am a homemaker, I am a scientist by education and interest... Star Trek represents to me an optimistic view of the future, in which each person has learned to respect self and others, an age in which we have learned that those who seem most different from ourselves are often those most like us." Her husband writes that he is a "college librarian... I find the women's liberation movement to be personally disturbing." [4] Another fan says she is an "elderly lady pushing 30... ST is only nine years old and seems bogged down in inane trekkie-bopper thinking and yes, commercialism! But you will it... if you're around in fifty or one hundred years. ST is to the 20th century what Aristotle was to the classical period... what Dante was to the Middle Ages. A unique educational medium, and a product of the culture of our time, answering a special need that will make the patterns of our time more comprehensive to the future."
  • this issue has a short ad for Tribble Dribbles
  • this issue has a flyer for the Boston Star Trek Convention to be held April 16-19, 1976
  • there are two short descriptions of two club meetings: The October one was attended by Hal Clement who "was on hand to show us some of his art work and to share with us his plans for future slide shows. Members were asked to submit ideas for episodes Hal could use for his shows. Also, we were asked to describe what a giant eel-bird looked like. To this date, Hal has received some help. Any other suggestions or art work can be sent to the BSTA." This meeting was "held at headquarters" rather than hiking in the Blue Hills (change of plans due to rain and mist) The November meeting was held at the New England Aquarium. "A terrific dolphin/sea lion show was held at 1:30. A short meeting was held outside as we munched on the snack bar's delicacies. In attendance were Hal Clement..." and other fans.

Issue 27

WARPed MIND v.3 n.27 was published in Feb/Mar 1976 and contains 6 pages.

first page of issue #27
  • the January meeting was a at fan's home, people dressed up as cowboys, people discussed the upcoming big Boston Star Trek con, a John Wayne slide show was shown at the end, no one talked about the food...
  • fifteen new fans are added to the roster (including Leslie Fish: their home addresses are printed
  • there are nine fan bios printed: some very brief excerpts:
    • a 14-year old fan who has made a flexible foam rubber model from the beast in 20,000 Fathoms, hopes to animate the beast for a stop-motion movie with his own camera
    • a 30-year old fan who says she has read over 800 books
    • a fan who loves Star Trek because it offers "an optimistic view of the future in these times of negativism"
    • a fan who wants to "into the field of weather" as his profession
    • a man who is married and "trying to get her interested in ST"
    • a 16-year old fan who loves sports and mountain climbing and wants to "become the first lady astronaut and the Red Sox's first lady pitcher. ST is proof that if we all cooperate and live together as one world, then the future won't be so bad... would also like to be a professional writer."
    • a 13-year old fan who says she "works with horses during the summer. Used to want to be an astronaut, but since she hates math, plans have been altered to that of policewoman. A fanatic over our country, horses, and Star Trek"
    • a fan who is a freshman in college, "interests include ST, horseback riding and trying to prevent the needless slaughter of animals (for fur coats) and the whales and any other senseless torture. Also likes needlepoint, sewing, reading, square-dancing and school (yes, it's true)."
  • May's meeting was to be a fan's home in Amherst, a suggestion of hotels is offered for those who want to stay the night, the host "would appreciated help with the eats so if you can contribute food please call her at [phone number redacted] after 7 when the rates go down.... If you don't bring food, the hunger fee is now 75¢."
  • a fan writes a report of his or her visit to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (Feb 18-24) in Boston: Carl Sagan was "a joy to the ear and a pleasure to the mind." Gene Roddenberry "spoke eloquently on telecommunications and their future use in educating the public to the arts and sciences. Gene mentioned Star Trek in passing since, I believe, he wanted to emphasize science as drama and telecommunications rather than get into a discussion of Star Trek's scientific fantasies. "A dramatist's role is more important than just entertainment and information. The thinkers: scientists, teachers, artists... are misjudging the impact of media. Scientist look at television as an annoying blot. Television will not go away. Telecommunications will be a storage of knowledge of all humanity available to all to break the barrier between people... and professions."
  • the March club meeting was at a fans' home and had a medieval theme: "We ate a variety of medieval type foods, venison (meatball stew), cheese, bread, ale (ginger), munchkins, and chocolate...well..." Carol "Robin Hood" Abend came down to collect the purses from the guests to pay for the dinner (a custom in Sherwood)." Many of the lady guests came in costume.

Issue 28

WARPed MIND v.3 n.28 was published in May/June 1976 and contains 5 pages.

  • a clipping from "The Boston Globe" by Diane White called "Space your bets, Earthling"
  • has an article by Christopher Johnson called "The Ozone Layer: Is it Safe?"
  • a fan named Linda, "Faz-owner and curator of the only known museum in Rhode Island" asks for fans to correspond with her
  • the editor writes that "THERE WILL BE CHANGES MADE WITH THE BSTA. We will discuss some at the May meeting. The newsletter will be undergoing some drastic changes. A shift in emphasis away from ST fandom and more into ST philosophy. More on this ins the June/July issue. These will be made available [in] a flier like newsletter with ST news and meeting directions. A supplement to this will fucs on ST philosophy in the arts and sciences. We will begin the change in the August/Sept. newsletter which will start our fourth year of publication. One change is INVOLVEMENT. Members will have to take a more active part in the club, especially the publications."

Issue 29

WARPed MIND v.3 n.29 was published in June/July 1976 and contains 5 pages.

first page of issue #29
  • the June meeting: "Aside from club discussion, we had a sumptuous meal and a real treat. A 16mm movie entitled "The Universe" and a blooper reel taped and edited by Marie Sheehan!! And Joan Stanley entertained us on a player piano."
  • from the editor:
    I hope everyone will take the time to read this letter since it involves the future of the Boston Star Trek Association. I am composing it at the typewriter since I cannot find the time to compose a first draft, revisions etc. My current ocupation (excuse all typos also) keeps me rather busy and although I should try to find the time to spend more time on club matters, it is hard. So please excuse any disjointedness, unprofessional writing.... (Now that I've spent time on the Intro...) The meeting of June 13 resulted in the final decision to "revamp" the club. How and along what lines are not totally clear nor totally finalized. The workings of the "new direction" is something to be decided among all Interested members. Active members will be most involved and thus have a greater impact. Nevertheless, the 'meeting-going' members are a fair crosssection of interested, adult-thinking Star Trek fans. I hope the changes we make together will fill the needs of all the members. First of all, the club publications. As you know, the fanzine will be discontinued after #5. All writing efforts will be directed to making WARPed MIND a better newsletter. Incidently, if anyone would like to submit another name for our newsletter, please do. Although WARPed MIND has been with us for three years, the direction we are preparing to initiate justifies another name. Going on... The WM will soon concentrate on BSTA members. That is your contributions will make up the bulk of the newsletter. No, this is not another Halkan Council. For those who are unfamiliar with HC, HC is a "newsletter" featuring letters from fans on various fandom goings on, fanzine reviews, criticisms, information, opinions. WM will be asking for articles from members. A lettercol may be initiated at a later time, but I always was against making the WM a forum for policy discussion or fan gossip. [much snipped] Your role as intelligent members of a
 Star Trek organization...perhaps...your mission if you decide to accept it... is 
to write articles on ST-Philosohpy, how it relates to the present world, the
 future, the past, how it relates within the Star Trek Universe. How do present issues
 relate to ST-philosphy? Are you fascinated with the technology of ST? Write an
 article relating the possible to the impossible, the future to the present... perhaps
 biology is your thing, are Horta's possible?, sociology... ah a world to write about.
 You saw LN in a play, eh? Tell us about the play, tell us about the character LN
p layed, but DO NOT tell us that LN was great, wonderful, a fine actor. A hint. A hint. This area of the WM is not celebrity oriented nor fandom oriented. It's more or less issues, philosophy and idea oriented. Cons, ads, fandom etc. will be contained in a relatively small area of the WM. Also, the size of the WM will be dependent on YOUR contributions. Editing will be kept to a minimum, Rebuttals or comments will be directed to the authors. Return of material by SASE, of course. Again this is not a letters column. If you are sparked by someone's article, you will be able to correspond with that person. If enough interest is generated in an area, a special issue might result. Enough said. Seeing is believing and we will commence the new format in the next issue.

Issue 30

WARPed MIND v.4 n.30 was published in August/September 1976 and contains 8 pages.

  • a description of a Bi-Centennial celebration gathering in Boston
  • minutes of the July club meeting: scrumptious food, discussion of a camping trip, plans to visit Medieval Manor (dinner theatre), slide shows
  • a clipping about UFOs
  • clipping about Star Trek from the "Telegram Milford Bureau"

Issue 31

WARPed MIND v.4 n.31 was published in October/November 1976 and contains 14 pages.

first page of issue #31
  • "Dreaming: Imaginative Narcotic" is an article by George Hayes
  • "The Transporter" is an article by Ira Berkowitz
  • "Star Trek on Display" is an article by Christopher Johnson about the Star Trek display at the Smithsonian Institute
  • "Thoughts," a poem by Linda Sawicki
  • a review and article by Gail Abend about Space:1999
  • "Twenty Years to Space," an article by Hannah Boehme
  • there are two fan bios: one from a fan who says she likes to write Grup stories, another from a fan who is "raising one hamster and one fern"
  • some newspaper clippings
  • regarding the October club meeting:
    The meeting held at Plimouth Plantation started at 2pm and 2:30 whenever it was that everyone showed up so we could get a group rate to see the Mayflower II which we decided not to see because nearly everyone had seen it at one time or another. We got down to business (while standing in subarctic weather) which lasted about 2 minutes and consisted of that why should events like this be held when those who sign up don't come. Following this we all proceeded to the plantation - except for [Brian B], [Jim N], [Chris J] and [Marguerite G] who wandered off into limbo without telling anyone where they went. The high point for many of us at the plantation was the pig pen where hogs were located - some over 6 feet long! (anatomically interesting). We all finally ended up at Howard Johnson's for the high point of the day.
  • from the editor:
    It is with some regret that I announce the dissolution of the WARPed MIND newsletters. This does not necessarily mean the dissolution of the Boston Star Trek Association. That is up to you the members. Right now, it is only the publication and the funding for it that will be discontinued. For those of you fearing the loss of your money... fear not! You will be REFUNDED at 50¢ an issue. If we owe you one issue you'll receive a check for 50¢, if we owe you three isssues that's $1.50... etc. PLEASE CASH YOUR CHECKS IMMEDIATELY!! The checking account for the club will be closed, so you must cash your checks so that all can be accounted for.... Here ends the important part of the message, the rest are my own reflections. If you don't care or aren't interested just move on to the rest of the newsletter. I want to thank those of you who have contributed material to WARPed MIND over the three years and three months of its existence. I want to thank the original members of the organization who contributed the initial funds, so that we could get off the ground: Anne Marie Kitz (currently a member), Alan Andres, Martha Goodman (former treasurer), Terry McLaughlin, Craig McDonough and... myself.... It's been fun. But, when something becomes static and change seems like it will never occur, then its time to move on. General apathy, disinterest has forced me to hand down the responsibility of running the club to its members. I will remain available to those who want to continue the club, for whatever consultation you might want, but I will no longer remain its active president. The address of the club will remain in Randolph until a new one is decided upon. All incoming memberships will be returned with a list compiled for the use of the club. It is difficult to devote time to something that in recent months has given very little in return. I enjoyed the friendships and I plan to continue to do so. I also hope the club doesn't fold, that you can see it within yourselves to elect officers from yourselves to share the responsibility and the work.


  1. ^ from the last issue of this newsletter
  2. ^ A seemingly useless activity, as ABC, NBC, CBS, and Paramount's priorities are to sell more stuff.
  3. ^ "Before time" is probably a reference to the original series episode "Miri"
  4. ^ Still married? I wonder.