Son of WARPed MIND

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Title: Son of WARPed MIND
Publisher: Boston Star Trek Association
Editor(s): Ed Laprade, Lee Pappas, and Stephen Sandberg
Type: club newsletter
Date(s): April/May 1977-?
Frequency: planned as every two months
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Son of WARPed MIND is a Star Trek: TOS club newsletter for the Boston Star Trek Association.

It is the successor to WARPed MIND which had ceased about four or five months earlier.

It is very likely that there were only one issue published.

first page

Issue 1

Son of WARPed MIND 1 (v.1 n.1) was published in April/May 1977 and contains seven pages.

    As you can see from the masthead above, the BSTA newsletter has gone through some changes. Most importantly, it has acquired a new editorial staff. This is our first issue. The change of title - to SON OF WARPed MIND - is meant both to acknowledge the parentage of the new arrival, and to recognize that despite the family resemblance, different people are in charge, when Gail Abend made known her decision to cease putting out WM last Fall, we three volunteered to take on the job. It hasn't been a particularly easy one. All of us in the BSTA owe Gail a debt of gratitude we can never properly repay, and nobody knows that better than the editors of SWM, we have a hard act to follow. So, cliche though it may be, we would just like to remind you that SON OF WARPed MIND, like its predecessor, is really your newsletter. Whether you're a corresponding member whose home is in another land, or a Diehard who hasn't missed a Sunday afternoon meeting in years, the one thing you share with all other BSTA members and no one else is this little bimonthly bulletin. It will be only as worthwhile as you, whoever you are, help make it. We want your criticism. We encourage your suggestions. And we need your contributions, be they letters, personal profiles, artwork, or articles on any aspect of the STAR TREK phenomenon and related interests.
    The club gathered on a misty Sunday afternoon, February 13, in a cinderblock student lounge room at Simmons College in Boston. [Carrie K]was our hostess. Formal business was chiefly a review, by President [[[Gail Abend]], of the Transition Group's recent activities- marked by a lively exchange between Gail and [Hannah B] and [Richard B], on the question of reimbursement of Group members for expenses they've incurred in the transition process. [Hannah B] and [Richard B], speaking for the other members of the Group, felt that these expenses, which had been borne for the general good of the club with the assumption they would be repaid, should be paid out of the Treasury, even if some of them had not been specifically approved by the whole membership; President Abend was much more doubtful about the degree to which the club should be held to account for expenses run up without its direct approval. No decision was reached. The other important business was the suggestion by [Donna Ch] that Lee Pappas, Ed Laprade and Stephen Sandberg, who had offered to take over the editing of the newsletter, prepare a sample of the new publication. After business was completed we decided to send out for pizzas, but when the grim news came that there would be a 90-minute wait for delivery, the main course foundered on the reefs of apathy. We contented ourselves with the pickings some members had thoughtfully brought. The meeting petered out about 5:00, climaxed by a short but furious food fight - cheetos flew like shrapnel!- among a few of the more rambunctious attendees. (Who shall go nameless...but they know who they are.)
    The meeting was held at the home of our favorite ex-President, Gail Abend, on the 13th, Being the gracious host that she is, we were all sent down to the Swamp, That was the name used for her rec room, which was done up in M*A*S*H style to go with the meeting's theme. It had signs pointing the way to the Officers' and Enlisted Men's (outsidej latrines, and other appropriate places. About 50 people showed up, many in costume. General discussions were held and the sample newsletter was circulated, while Gail and [Mary H] were upstairs counting the election ballots. Just before lunch the nominees for office were called upstairs to be the first to hear who had won. (A transcription of a tape made at that event will be in a later issue of SWM if the members wish it. Immediately after that, lunch, which consisted of Franks Burns & Beans, hardtack, and other military delicacies, was served. The results of the election, which appear elsewhere in this issue, were formally announced when everyone had settled down, Following lunch a meeting of the new officers was set up for March 21, the results of which are also in this issue, somewhere. Then came the entertainment. As this was a semi-festive occasion, we had a bit more than usual, starting with a slide show by [Mary H], Trailers were shown by [Ed M] and [Lee P], [Ken B] brought some old CBS bloopers, wild commercials, and the 1902 A TRIP TO THE MOON by Georges Melies.
    Joy and despair walked hand-in-hand through Gail Abend's rec room as the results of the eagerly-anticipated BSTA election were announced, at the March 13 business meeting. Ballots prepared under the auspices of the Transition Group had been mailed to 165 members) 86 votes were returned, making a final turnout of about 52%. Not terrifically great, but comparable to the figures for the last US Presidential race. A more positive indication of the club's general health was the fact all the races were hotly contested, and the results close or at least respectable in every case. The victors and the vanquished! [many election results snipped] CLUB NAME: "Boston Star Trek Association" eased past a slew of challengers, getting 24 votes (29%). This would imply that a new name might have been selected had not the votes of the "antis" been split between so many alternatives, runners up: "Star Trek International" (21 votes, 26%). "New England Star Trek Association" (20 votes, 24%)j. "Star Trek of New England" (9 votes, 11%). "Star Trek Universal" (8 votes, 10%); 4 not voting.
    The meeting was held at Captain [Donna C's] house and was attended by: [Gail A], [Mary H], [Steve S], Corresponding Officer [Brian B], [Marie S] Treasurer [Richard B], his wife Hannah, [Lee P], [Marguerite G], First Officer [Joan S] and your Recording Officer, [Ed L]. This special meeting was called to discuss the most pressing issues facing the club at the moment. While the meeting lasted some two hours, it has been considerably condensed for this report, and at that it will be a bit long. First to be discussed was the newsletter. After 3/4 of an hour of intense discussion it was unanimously agreed that it should be oriented more toward the non-attending members of the club. Suggestions for accomplishing this included: more detailed minutes, asking for articles (we are!), special interest articles and news items (Cousteau Society, etc.) and, hopefully, enough response from the readers for a letters column. The name you saw on the cover came about during this meeting also. Your editors proposed that the old title be kept if Gail had no objections. She didn't, but suggested WARPed MIND II. Steve came back with SON OF... After some chortling it was put to a vote and carried almost unanimously. Next, dues. After a lengthy and penetrating argument the following rough figures were agreed to be the most accurate we could ascertain with the data on hand: $180...Printing newsletter; $150...Mailing newsletter; $100...Postage for committees, etc.; $50...Incidentals, making a total of $480. Dividing the total by the number of paid members (65) who comprised the club when Gail dissolved the old Treasury, we discovered, Much to our dismay, that the new dues will have to be high. $7.50, to be exact. This includes 6 newsletters a year and, equally important, a membership drive, Hannah optimistically commented that, if successful enough, the drive would be the best way to bring the price of dues down at some later date. It was also noted, unfortunately, that the postal rates may be hiked again. As you can see, most of the dues will be used for postage of one kind or another, so all we can do at the moment is hope that things turn out for the best. So, as much as we disliked doing so (and as much as we tried, we could find no other practical alternative), the $7.50 dues were carried and are now the official dues for the BSTA. Even with this increase, however, we must stress that when corresponding with the club you must enclose a SASE! I would like to point out, to underline the necessity of this, that other clubs have been obliterated by postal costs. We have just barely saved our own club from extinction by apathy. Let's not throw all that hard work down the drain before we even get started!!! Naturally, if you want to be on one of the committees which are in the process of being set up - Membership, Program, Activities, and Publications (and this means you will do the work you volunteer for, or follow through on ideas you propose), either full or "part" time, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Donna as soon as possible. One last item: courtesy at meetings. It has happened on occasion that many more people have showed up at meetings than gave prior notice to the host or hostess. While everyone is certainly welcome, it must be pointed out that when one prepares enough food for a certain number of people and twice as many show up, everyone goes a little hungry. So, if you intend to come, please give a ring or drop a line to the host(ess). If this is impossible, as with a last minute decision, please be thoughtful enough to bring something (even a bag of potato chips) with you.