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Title: Thinky Thoughts
Created by: Ruth, Michelle
Date(s): 2018-present
Focus: Fandom, Fans, Fan Culture
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Multifandom
External Links: Fascination and Frustration Website
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Thinky Thoughts is a fandom podcast hosted by Ruth and Michelle of Fascination and Frustration. They dedicate episodes to discussing individual Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Good Omens, and Yuri on Ice episodes, while in others they focus on a range of different fandoms.

They have some consistent "theme" episode types including:

  • Thinky Thoughts about General Stuff
  • Thinky Thoughts about Pilots
  • Thinky Thoughts about Shows We Hadn't Seen
  • Thinky Thoughts about Finales
  • Thinky Thoughts about Yuri on Ice
  • Thinky Thoughts about Conversations with Dead People: A Buffy essentials series
  • Thinky Thoughts about Good Omens

On 2 November 2023, the official description read:

Fascination & Frustration's Ruth and Michelle are London based fandom aficionados, having thinky thoughts about TV, books, movies, and all things fandom. We would love you to join the discussion, via our website or on social media using #TTpod

Episode List

2018 Episodes

Episodes of Thinky Thoughts
Episode Number Release Date Title Fannish Topics Direct Link
1 Aug 28, 2018 Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Then & Now Buffy the Vampire Slayer X
2 Sept 25, 2018 Harry Potter and the Harry Potter experience Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling X
3 Oct 8, 2018 Thinky Thoughts live from NYC! New York Comic Con X
4 Oct 23, 2018 Fic Brackets - Part 1 Fanfiction, Tropes X
5 Nov 20, 2018 Fic Brackets - Part 2 Fanfiction, Tropes X
6 Dec 7, 2018 The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (A show we hadn’t seen) The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina X
7 Dec 18, 2018 Wynonna Earp (A show we hadn’t seen) Wynonna Earp (TV series) X

2019 Episodes

Episodes of Thinky Thoughts
Episode Number Release Date Title Fannish Topics Direct Link
8 Jan 4, 2019 30 Day (aka 30 question) TV Challenge Shadowhunters, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The West Wing, Angel the Series, Six Feet Under X
9 Jan 18, 2019 Pilots: Friends Friends X
10 Feb 1, 2019 Pilots: Glee Glee X
11 Feb 15, 2019 Pilots: Dollhouse (aired pilot: Ghost) Dollhouse X
12 Mar 8, 2019 Pilots: Dollhouse (unaired pilot: Echo) Dollhouse X
13 Mar 22, 2019 Spartacus: Blood and Sand (A show we hadn’t seen) Spartacus X
14 Apr 5, 2019 How to Get Away with Murder (A show we hadn’t seen) How to Get Away With Murder X
15 Apr 26, 2019 Finales: White collar White Collar X
16 May 13, 2019 Finales: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer X
17 May 30, 2019 Looking forward to Good Omens Good Omens, Neil Gaiman X
18 Jun 3, 2019 Good Omens 1/6 Good Omens X
19 Jun 10, 2019 Good Omens 2/6 Good Omens X
20 Jun 17, 2019 Good Omens 3/6 Good Omens X
21 Jun 24, 2019 Good Omens 4/6 Good Omens X
22 Jul 1, 2019 Good Omens 5/6 Good Omens X
23 Jul 8, 2019 Good Omens 6/6 Good Omens X
24 Aug 5, 2019 Stardust Stardust, Neil Gaiman X
25 Aug 22, 2019 American Gods (A show we hadn’t seen) American Gods X
26 Sept 12, 2019 Pilots: Criminal Minds Criminal Minds X
27 Oct 17, 2019 This is Us (A show we hadn’t seen) This Is Us X
28 Nov 14, 2019 Lost in Space (A show we hadn’t seen) Lost in Space (TV series) X
29 Dec 19, 2019 Thinky Thoughts about 2019 X