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You may be looking for S.L.Y.G.O., a Blake's 7 zine.

Publisher: Catherine Siebert & Kathleen Retz
Date(s): 1980-1981
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars & Battlestar Galactica (1978) & Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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SLAYSU is an explicit adult het multifandom zine anthology which contains stories by multiple authors.

SLAYSU stands for "So Like and Yet So Unalike."

A continuation of this zine is Conflicting Impulses.

The Same Sex Stories

The editors have an addition to their ad for "Slaysu" in Universal Translator #17, one that offers information about their slash stories. Fans were invited to send them a SASE for more information:

"We have some stories available only on a request basis and only to legal adults. This is because many people have strange views on homosexual (or any type of sexual) relationships. If you are offended by such relationships or by stories about such relationships, these stories are not for you. These stories are short, graphic and all in fun. They are not meant to answer serious questions. The whole purpose is to offer an alternative to the ordinary."

Some of those stories:

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

SLAYSU 1 was published in November 1980 and contains 70 pages. It has two Star Trek: TOS pieces (one story focusing on Uhura, and the other an ST biography), two Galactica 1980 pieces (one a love story, the other an article on the reality of Space Gods), five Star Wars stories (three on Han Solo after the carbonite, a story highlighting Chewie, and one about a Luke and Vader encounter story).

  • Op. Cit.
  • Dirty Dishes by Kathleen B. Retz (3)
  • A Matter of Healing, part one by Catherine A. Siebert (4)
  • When I Last Died by C.A. Siebert (11)
  • A Corellian Condition by C.A. Siebert (19)
  • Star Trek Word Search, first season by K.B. Retz (24)
  • Battlestar Galactica Word Search by K.B. Retz (25)
  • Whatcha Say? by K.B. Retz (26)
  • Journey's End in Lovers Meeting by C.A. Siebert (28)
  • The True Scent by C.A. Seibert (34)
  • The Star That Beckons: The Earth Ambassador by K.B. Retz (36)
  • The Obligatory Han Solo Rescue Story by C.A. Seibert (48)
  • Filler by K.B. Retz ( 56)
  • A Woman's Touch, Part 1 by C.A. Siebert Battlestar Galactica (1978)
  • Tears by K.B. Retz

Issue 2

cover of issue #2
interior page of issue #2

SLAYSU 2 was published in February 1981. It contains 94 pages of fan fiction stories from Star Wars, Star Trek, and Battlestar Galactica. It contains a different Luke and Vader encounter story, a story about the wackiest ship in Starfleet and a vignette on a very yound Yoda.

  • Op. Cit.
  • A Lesson in Humanity by Catherine A. Sievert (1)
  • WRITE NOW by Bjo Trimble (17)
  • Recruitment by Kathleen B. Retz (18)
  • Star Trek Word Search, second season by K.B. Retz (20)
  • Once Upon a Paradise by K.B. Retz, art by Retz (21)
  • Fantasy by K.B. Retz (31)
  • Star Wars Word Search by K.B. Retz (32)
  • A Woman's Touch Part 2 by Catherine Siebert Battlestar Galactica (1978))
  • Whatcha Say? by K.B. Retz (43)
  • A Corellian Condition: That's One I Owe You by C.A. Siebert (46)
  • The Obligatory Han Solo Rescue Story, Part 3 by C.A. Siebert, art by Edward Austin (Star Wars) (51)
  • The Star That Beckons, chapter two: Ni Var for a Marriage by K.B. Retz (62)
  • Night Image by K.B. Retz (76)
  • What Though the Field be Lost? by Dylan Turner, art by Edward Austin, 77)
  • A Matter of Healing, part 2 by C.A. Siebert (79)

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

SLAYSU 3 was published in May 1981 and contains 77 pages.

  • Op. Cit.
  • Sleeping Dragons...
  • Beware of All Enterprises that Require New Clothes by Kathleen B. Retz, art by Shari Kay (1)
  • The Decision by K.B. Retz, art by Shari Kay (8)
  • A Simple Dream by K.B. Retz (11)
  • Where Youth and Pleasure Meet by Justine Mercedes (15)
  • Two Monstrous Evils by K.B. Retz (23)
  • A Woman's Touch Part 3 by Catherine A. Siebert Battlestar Galactica (1978)
  • The Obligatory Han Solo Rescue Story, Part 3 by C.A. Siebert (Star Wars)
  • And Yet Another Star Trek Trivia Quiz by K.B. Retz (43)
  • Comedy and Kisma by K.B. Retz (44)
  • A Matter of Healing by C.A. Siebert (57)
  • Starbuck's Return by C.A. Siebert (68) (Battlestar Galactica)
  • Her First Ten Minutes... Officially by Rainbow T'Pyr (75)
  • Insanity by K.B. Retz
  • In/"%%*!$"/out ( 77)

Issue 4

cover of issue #4
interior page of issue #4

SLAYSU 4 was published in March 1982. It contains 90 pages of fan fiction, poems, cartoons and art. All stories are rated, most are G or PG, one X and 2 R rated.

  • Op. Cit.
  • Once, During A Snowstorm On Hoth by Kathleen B. Retz (Star Wars) (3)
  • Las Pobrecites by K.S. Retz (4)
  • A Woman's Touch Part 4 by Catherine A. Siebert Battlestar Galactica (1978) (5)
  • Final Exam by Betsy Jacobs (17)
  • Grafitti (sic) Page by Retz, S. Barrett, S. Kaiafah and Siebert (18)
  • Outcasts from the Land by C.A. Siebert (Star Trek: TOS) (19)
  • Reflections by Siebert, art by S. Kaiafah (Galactica 1980) (34)
  • Excerpts from the Journal of the Terran Ambassador by Rainbow T'Pyr (36)
  • Academic Life by S. Kaiafah (38)
  • The First Port bu K.B. Retz, art by Kaiafah (Star Wars (The Empire Strikes Back) (39)
  • By Any Other Name by Retz and Siebert (44)
  • Las Pobracites by Retz (46)
  • Kerrious Interludes by Jamie Boll (Star Wars, (The Empire Strikes Back) (47)
  • Standard Military Procedure by Mary Turner (Battlestar Galactica ((1978)) (53)
  • The Lost Heritage Part One by Betsy Jacobs (Star Wars (The Empire Strikes Back) (56)
  • The Star That Beckons Part 3 by Retz (Star Trek: TOS) (73)

Issue 5

cover of issue #5

SLAYSU 5 was published in August 1982 (reprinted February 1983) and contains 99 pages.

  • Op. Cit.
  • cartoon by Mel White (2)
  • Hero Worship by Kathleen B. Retz (3)
  • cartoon by S. Kaiafah (4)
  • Non-Standard Military Procedure by Catherine A. Siebert (5)
  • cartoon by Kaifah (9)
  • first Grafitti Page
  • The Lost Heritage, chapters 6-11 by Betsy Jacobs (11) (This story is continued in Conflicting Impulses #1)
  • Wanted: One Understanding Shipmate by Rainbow T'Pyr (31)
  • Adventures of Indiana Jones by Retz (34)
  • Wings of Silver, Wings of Gold by Gerry Stout (35)
  • Las Pobrecitas by Retz (39)
  • Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan Quiz and Word Search by Retz (40)
  • Alderaani Refuge by Retz (41)
  • All My Stormtroopers by Kaiafah (46)
  • A Woman's Touch, part five by Siebert (47)
  • Trivia Quiz Answers (56)
  • All My Stormtroopers by Kaifah (57)
  • The Lady I Left in Mos Eisley by Kaiafah (58)
  • Second Grafitti Page (60)
  • The Only Magic Wand by Siebert (61)
  • Oops by Mel White (65)
  • Las Probecitas of R2 and K9 by Retz (66)
  • The Star That Beckons 4, "For the Sade ofthe Children" by Retz, art by Susan J. Sprouse (67)
  • cartoon by Kaiafah (85)
  • All My Stormtroopers by Kaifah (86)
  • In/"%%*!$"/out (97)
  • Ibid (99)