Slashcast Metachat: Fandom Wank

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Slashcast Metachat: Fandom Wank
Interviewee: wook77, djin7 (DJ), elanorofcastile (eco or jet), midnitemaraud_r (Lisa)
Date(s): January 3, 2013
Medium: online transcript, podcast
External Links: online transcript; [ WebCite]
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Slashcast Metachat: Fandom Wank is a chat with wook77, djin7, elanorofcastile, midnitemaraud_r.

The subject was fandom wanks.

It is a podcast at Slashcast and includes an online transcript.

Topics Discussed


Lisa: ...[biggest wank that sticks out in my head?]: MsScribe, cause that became one of the biggest ones although it was never actually posted on fandom wank it was posted on a separate com called Bad Penny which was made specifically because it was so big it wouldn’t fit on fandon wank. (laughs) I was kind of around for that…
Wook: MsScribe was one the wanks that stick in my head as well, I mean it had like everything that makes a great wank. It had, sock puppets, it had the plucky girl detective, it had…
Lisa: Well that was the first time, I really heard the entire story. I’d heard all the stuff about the Harry/Ginny fandom vs the Harry/Hermione and all the crap that went on before that, you know. But I wasn’t really in that part of fandom, so I didn’t really know anything about it and it was just, I couldn’t believe all the stalking and the sock puppets and the just, how extensive it was. I mean who has that kind of time? (laughs)
DJ: It was her need for popularity of course we’ve all witnessed the frightening things that happen when anybody does that. This was particularly amusing in that she did all the things that anybody claims they never do and they were all proven by screencaps and locked posts and all those type of things. It was a huge investigation involved. Like thousands of people. Trying to break down this whole A&E worthy detective story.
Lisa: It pulled together all the scary aspects of fandom that people are like the outing and freaking cursing the..
DJ: The lengths that people will go to, to become friends with or to become noticed by people that they maybe admire or they are fans of, such as authors in the internet space, it’s ridiculous to me. And that’s why this is such a great mock-worthy wank, because it’s ridiculous to me how much this particular one person, if all the stories are indeed true, how much this person did in order to gain the trust of the so called inner circle of early fans in those days. Classic.
Wook: There’s wankity wank. Where people are wanking in the fandon wank community. And remember what wank was it, like somebody came in and they started wanking and it went to wankity wank and the person followed it to wankity wank and they were like shall we make a wankity wank wank (laughs)? Constantly just wanking. OMG it was hilarious. So what other wanks stick in your head? Other than the MsScribe story cause for me, there is one ultimate wank. If you know me, you know which one I am talking about. My Wife is a Horse. I know that it has nothing to do with fandom and it doesn’t have a lot to do with slash but the fact if this guy thought he was married to his horse, and his girlfriend was a human and he wondered if his wife was pregnant and if she had cheated on him, but it was a horse. I mean come on it’s the ultimate wank, it’s hilarious.
DJ: Also I mean there is the crystal funk which of course is not a Harry Potter funk it was Lord of the Rings wank originally. About the girl, she photoshopped herself into with the Lord of the Rings cast. (inaudible) she acted as if she was in all these photos or whatever it was. The best part about the wank of course was when she started getting wanked she started to defend herself, her nanny, aka her sockpuppet started to anonymously come in and defend her honour which of course just lead to…
DJ: The phrases that come from fandom wank they can be epic and they will forever stick in our heads whether you know or not that they came from there or not. But a lot of the great quips that you’ll see the idioms and stuff that are fandom related the thoughts on Yaoi or however you say it was a particular anime fan she posted in fandom wank generally just a bunch of her opinion with regards to same sex pairings in anime fandoms in general she just went on and on and on and actually did a two part entry about it and to that end it just ended into a tl;dr sort of long running joke, where we don’t really care and tell us how you really feel and so it became the situation we are in now where anybody goes off taking about anything that they want to talk about or waxing poetically about a particular item in fandom or a particular thing, everyone’s yeah but what are your thoughts on yaoi? *laughs* which is the funny part of it.
Lisa: [ Snacky's Rule is] a play on Godwin's law which basically, that one says that any conversation on the internet that goes on long enough someone will eventually bring up Hitler and the Nazis, and with Snacky’s Law its about in fandom conversations eventually someone gonna compare somebody in a particular way to girls they went to high school with and once that happens you’re null and void that’s it you’ve reached the limit.
DJ: I’m kinda partial myself to the variation on shipping war, the Law of Ship Double Standards. In a shipping war there is always someone who argues against a pairing while proclaiming yet another pairing which is obviously ambiguous as much as the first pairing is must be romantic and their OTP cause they say so. The hypocrisy of it which is very common. You get a lot of that I the SPN fandom and a lot of others, same thing Buffy had a lot of that going on and Harry Potter did too. It’s a very common one.
Lisa: But you know, it’s weird because the nature of wank really hasn’t changed, people lock down their stuff more than they used to. But the nature of wank itself hasn’t changed but how people approach it and think of it has changed a lot in the past few years. And you can tell you go to fandom wank website now and nobody posts anything, there’s like two posts a month.
DJ: I think that a lot of the original locking, the spirit of locking became more personal and vicious to a lot of people not necessarily at Fandom wank but in general outside of fandom wank in anonymous places or in the journal of themselves of the people involved and many people got very vicious about many things and I think that what you get then is some kneejerk reaction after a couple of years of that’s everybody is afraid to talk about it or talk to it or participate
Wook: When I think with fandom fracturing for it’s primary location. I mean it used to be you could just go on Livejournal and find alike a million wanks and now people are wanking over on tumblr and it carries over on AO3 and sometimes it’s on Dreamwidth or its over here on Livejournal you never know exactly where it’s going to be so it’s harder to succinctly sum up what’s going on with these wanks, especially with the nature of tumblr where you know it blows over in an hour.
DJ: exactly [Tumblr is] very transient. I don’t find it very good for any type of conversation or debate for that matter. There is not much happening there it’s a useless format for that it doesn’t work. It can’t work on twitter for the same purposes because you have only so much to talk about on twitter maybe if you do a side conversation But back and forth between people or a major conversation can’t happen on twitter.
Lisa: But also I think on Livejournal anon memes have kind kind of taken over the role. Some of them have moderation others are just basically a free for all and it’s hard. The big old meme was the LOL meme and that was actually going on during the hay day of fandon wank as well. That was a specific group of people that went on and pretty much posted nonsense, bitched about other people it was a very strange kind of meme. But the other one started up, everybody started up you know, fandom wank used to be all fandom but now lots of the anon memes are fandom specific if you are not in that fandom you don’t have any reason to go those memes so you are not going to see any of the new wank that is happening. Even Metafandom used to link from all different fandoms but people are more insolated and isolated within their own fandoms they don’t know what’s going on in a fandom they have no contact with. That was one of the things that fandom wank did, I mean I didn’t know anything about furries until I saw it on fandom wank....there is no fandom central anymore. People follow, you know, the fandoms that they are interested in even on tumblr and the other thing too is, you know Livejournal and Dreamwitdh between people being on both of those or some people are still on Insanejournal and other people are on tumblr almost exclusively now they don’t post on their livejournals anymore or they are on twitter exclusively and it’s just very fractured and there is no central area so all these wanks are going to happen but you know, nobody posts to fandom wank anymore because I think they are afraid people will say well this isn’t funny have some recipes. you know?