My Thoughts on Yaoi

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My thoughts on yaoi has nothing at all to do with yaoi. The term means, generally, "I shall now express an opinion, despite the likelihood that nobody wants to hear it."

Originally derived from an earnest tealdeer in which the commenter did not perceive her audience's lack of interest,[1] this phrase hedges against the audience's reaction by jokingly acknowledging the potential for awkward disinterest.

Thoughts on yaoi need not be lengthy, and may be on any topic. They are often combined with lolcat grammar, e.g. "I can haz thoughts on yaoi!"

Alternately, one may rudely inform someone their opinion was unwanted by thanking them for their "thoughts on yaoi."

Aja Romano included it at The 10 best tales of online drama from 10 years of Fandom Wank on The Daily Dot:
This is frankly the most boring snorefest of a wank ever to spawn a cultural saying that has spanned decades. Once upon a time, a fan named bohemianfaerie wanted to share her "thoughts on yaoi" with us--and in the process she sparked a question fans are still asking to this day.

Ideally, you should never ask someone's thoughts on yaoi if you actually want to know the answer; but this hasn't stopped the use of the phrase from becoming less ironic and more sincere over time.

This is probably because in a world bursting at the seams with slash fangirls, everyone wants to tell you their thoughts on yaoi.


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