My hed iz pastede on yay

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Synonyms: My hed is pastede on yay, pastede on
See also: Manip, Wank, Fandom wank
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A phrase that first emerged from CrystalWank on Fandom Wank. In response to an obvious and inept manip of Dominic Monaghan[1] as "proof" that he was hanging out at Crystal's house, shinigami_co commented,

Not to mention the whole "MY HED IZ PASTEDE ON YAY" effect. He really should have that checked." [2]

The phrase was swept up by the masses of people who found it hilarious, the single, deliberately misspelled sentence coming to embody the entire situation and its perceived associated ridiculousness.

The phrase continues to be used in the fannish vernacular, in several different ways:

  • In similar contexts to its origins - mocking unskilled manips
  • As a self-deprecating declaration that you're having difficulty using your brain - it's as if your hed is literally pastede on yay.
  • Sometimes the phrase is altered to replace 'hed' with another noun or (continuing the grammatical flaws) even verb, to indicate that the object is transparently phony [3]:
    • Shatner's hair iz pastede on yay
    • Your religion iz pastede on yay
    • My outrage iz pastede on yay

The term "Pastede on" has an entry on Encyclopedia Dramatica and the Urban Dictionary


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