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Synonyms: Single Parent AU, Single Guardian AU
Related: Kid fic, Domestic, Family
See Also: Courtship, Fluff, Angst, AU
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Single Parent is a fanwork trope in which one or more characters are single parents/guardians. It's often used as a way to get a pairing together. Usually the trope is part of an alternate universe or kid fic set in the future where one character (who does not have children in canon) has a child. In single parent AUs, the single parent may be a character who is a teenager in canon. However, the trope may be more prominent in fandoms that canonically have single parents, such as The 100 and Teen Wolf. RPF canons also feature a fair number of children of divorced parents. Canon single parents are often middle-aged, and canon-compliant single parent fanworks are more likely to be about parent-child relationships than a setup for romance. Note that the presence of canon single parents for a fandom in no way decreases the potential for single parent AUs.

Fanworks Examples

The 100


Fire Emblem Awakening

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Teen Wolf

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