Professional's Slash Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Title: Professional's Slash Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Creator: Sandy Herrold and others
Date(s): 1992, last revised 28 April 1997
Medium: online
Fandom: The Professionals
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Professional's Slash Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) was written in 1992.

"This FAQ was largely written by me (Sandy Herrold--assume all 1st person refs are mine except the Collins section and where noted) with the help of Betsy Ramsey, Alex McKenzie, rache (wickedwords), Sharon Decker, Terri Volpe, Lezlie Shell, Debbie Ramsey (her notes are marked "----dar") and others."


  • Which one is Bodie, which one is Doyle?
  • Why is Doyle feminized so often?
  • Why is there controversy about the "last episode?"
  • Where can I get copies of the episodes?
  • What are good starting episodes?
  • Other Recommended Episodes
  • What episodes have been professionally released?
  • What is the Bullshitters?
  • What is GBH?
  • What zines are currently available?
  • What else is available?
  • What is The Library?
  • Recommended Library Stories?
  • What are some authors I can trust?
  • What is the Professional's E-mail Library?
  • What is Fire Stone?
  • What are some good Pros songtapes?
  • What else has Shaw done? (that's available on video)
  • What else has Collins done?
  • What else have they done together?
  • What are they doing NOW?

Some Excerpts

Why is Doyle feminized so often?:

Good question. Most slash pairings (with the possible exception of B/A) have one partner who is feminized more often than the other. Doyle, with his 'fey curls,' cat like eyes, his slender frame, etc., is the lucky guy in Pros fic. Is it a fact about the writing of sex scenes by hetero women, as has been said by many academics -- that one character has to stand in for a woman, since this is really heterosex being written about, in clever disguise? Or, as many fen seem turned on by androgynous people, is there something sexy about him in his portrayal as "feminine?" Or does it fit more as 'slash as gender exploration, rather than as a substitute for heterosex stories by repressed women.' Most famous story example exploring this is "In Flagrente Delecto" by M. Fae in the first Queer as a 3 Pound Note.

Recommended Library Stories:

What are some authors I can trust?:

IMHO: Sebastian, Courtney Grey and Pam Rose, HG, Fanny Adams, CP, and Debra Hicks, O. Yardley,[ Ellis Ward and plenty of others you'll discover for yourself.

What is the Professional's E-mail Library?:

For many years, circuit stories have been a popular favorite and mainstay of Pros fandom. However, over the years, copies fade, pages disappear, and lines get cut off. Repeated rounds of copying and re-copying take their toll. In some instances, the complete set of an author's work is impossible to find.

To remedy this, starting in 1993 ,volunteers have retyped almost 400 circuit stories that are now available on computer disk or by electronic mail. The electronic library is steadily adding new and old circuit stories to its archive. The purpose to the library is threefold: to preserve many of the fading or hard to find 'classics', to help isolated or international fans gain access to the Pros circuit, and to ensure the survival of the circuit library as we move into the electronic age. The stories are typed so that British (and American) spellings are preserved. There is no editing of the author's work.

Though initially started by Alex MacKenzie, Debbie Ramsey ([email address redacted]) now maintains the library. ----dar

What is Fire Stone?:

A professional paperback novel by Tanya Huff that reads like a not-bad Professional's a/u. No real sex, but hey, you'll never find a 200 page zine for 4.95...