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Name: Tanya Huff
Also Known As:
Occupation: Author, Writer,
Medium: Books, Television
Works: Blood Ties (television series), Blood books, Quarters series, Keeper's Chronicles (books), Smoke and Shadows, Novels of Crystal, Valor books, The Fire's Stone
Official Website(s): http://andpuff.livejournal.com/
Fan Website(s):
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Tanya Huff is a Canadian science fiction and fantasy writer. The television series Blood Ties was based on Huff's Blood books, which are also known as the Vicki Nelson novels.

On fanfic

Tanya Huff wrote in a May 2010 journal entry:

As the fanfic discussion is making the rounds again let me just reiterate where I, personally, stand.

1. Don't tell me about it. Knowledge implies consent and implied consent can potentially result in some legal nastiness. We'll both be happier if I don't know, trust me.

2. Have fun. I, personally, am thrilled you like what I've created enough that you want to see how it looks dressed in green and wearing thigh high boots.

3. I have no actual evidence, but I doubt fanfic has ever lost me readers and I strongly suspect it may be responsible for my gaining a couple.

4. But, seriously, don't tell me about it. [1]

On fan passion

In October 2001 she posted "I was an SF fan for years before I was a pro. I went to my first convention in 1977. I have been a costumer and a filker (still a filker), I've entered art shows, and run con-suites (not well, honesty forces me to admit) and the thing I love best about fans is how willing they are to be passionate about things. Books, movies, TV shows, games, corsets, beer, plots, characters, covers, authors, actors, high tech, low tech, comics and graphic novels and the arguments over which is which."[2]


The fandom for the television version of the Blood Books is small but established, and there is crossover between the television fandom and books fandom, but book verse stories are much more rare. The canonical Tony/Henry relationship, which does not exist on the show has drawn some fans to both the Blood and the Smoke series.

The Fire's Stone is often a Yuletide fandom and a few stories have been written.

Many The Professionals fans consider "Fire Storm" a Pros AU: "A professional paperback novel by Tanya Huff that reads like a not-bad Professional's a/u. No real sex, but hey, you'll never find a 200-page zine for 4.95..." [3]

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