The Fox and the Wolf (Pros universe created by Jane Carnall)

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You may be looking for the Pros created universe of the same name by Fanny Adams.

The Professionals Fanfiction
Title: Fox and Wolf
Author(s): Jane Carnall and Nicole C
Date(s): 1990s
Genre: slash, Bodie/Cowley
Fandom: The Professionals
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The Fox and the Wolf universe is a series of slash Professionals stories written around a shared universe created by Jane Carnall and Nicole C. The universe featured a rare pairing in the Professionals universe: Bodie and his employer George Cowley. It deals with homophobia and DADT as Cowley is outed, and fired from CI5. The stories were released on the circuit library, and at one point Jane published a free circuit fanzine A Simple Game that compiled sequels to the main story: "Lest These Dark Days."

The zine sometimes appears on fans' Desert Island lists.[1]

Stories in the series

FOX AND WOLF [Bodie/Cowley][1]

1. Lest These Dark Days - in Proslib (CDs) [2]

2. This Classical Dilemma - zine novel in the paper circuit

3. As Games Are Played - zine novel in the paper circuit

4. Woven Patternings (1997)- zine anthology in the paper circuit, containing a prequel to Lest These Dark Days: Bottle for the New Year by Barbara T

Sequels to Lest These Dark Days

Sequels to This Classical Dilemma

  • Chapter O by Jane Carnall, Ann J and Nicole C
  • The Tarot Bits by Jane Carnall, Ann J and Nicole C
  • Neither Merciful Nor Just by Shoshanna

Sequels to As Games are Played

Reactions and Reviews

See reactions and reviews for Lest These Dark Days.
See reactions and reviews for Neither Merciful Nor Just.
[comments on whole series]: Sandy took pity on me [after I was devastated by reading Look Through My Eyes], and handed me the Fox and Wolf Trilogy. I read them and liked them very much, but then, I actually like Cowley as a character anyway. Thank you, Jane. [2]

This is a *fantastic* story! Drama, action, romantic, angst.. all the good qualities of fiction. Ok, so the meal scenes could use some sprucing up (food can be erotic unless it's peas.) The authors say it was written because no one would believe it- but I love it! Bodie and Cowley make a wonderful couple.. and everything they do is quite believable. The way they fight, they way they interact, the way the fuck each other through the mattress.. And it was neat seeing Doyle's reaction to all this (as a woefully straight man). [snipped]

I thought some of the best bits were how the episodes were worked in. The story took place over the course of the show's run, almost, and exact scenes were written in, with the 'missing bits' added. It will be fun to rewatch those episodes and say, 'yeah, ok, right I can see it now!' [3]


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