Action of the Tiger

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Bodie/Doyle Fanfiction
Title: Tiger by the Tail
Author(s): EPS
Date(s): 1980s (after 1983)
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Professionals
External Links: not online (see Proslib CD)

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Action of the Tiger is the slash sequel to the Tiger by the Tail, a gen story written by Lillian Sheperd in the 1980s. The series of stories, which were released to the paper circuit library are popular and often feature on fans' list of favorites.


This is a case fic, and a long one. It has action, undercover work, an attempt to bomb CI5 HQ, a raid on a major British tourist attraction, and all of that as the background to the lads trying to come to terms with their feelings for each other...Action of the Tiger is set directly after the events of Lillian Shepherd's gen story Tiger by the Tail, which revolves around an escaped Krivas attempting revenge. It probably does help to have read Tiger by the Tail first, but I hadn't, and I found Action of the Tiger easy to pick up. It picks up as CI5 mop up after the events of the first story."[1]
When Bodie suddenly realises he wants Doyle sexually, he panics.[2]


Reactions and Reviews

I think that Action of the Tiger is the best action-adventure story I have read in fandom (not gen, but action-adventure; they aren't quite the same catagories), but I reread it as much as I do because there is a very nice slash sequel. I don't even know if I would have kept it around otherwise; even good action-adventure is just not important to me.[3]
Action of the Tiger is a great story; EPS does some of the best action writing in fanfic. You should take a look at the gen prequel Tiger by the Tail. It includes the dreaded 'children in fanfiction' but it all works. I love the scene in Action where Cowley comes to their hotel room. When I first got the story from the paper library that page was MISSING. I got right on to email and a kind person typed it in for me the same day. Fans and email are a wonderful combination.[4]
Action of the Tiger swings immediately into slash territory though, following straight on from Tiger by the Tail. It's angsty and action-y, and interesting, and if I thought the lads were maybe a little soppy at times the story made it reasonably easy to skim over with a quick wince! (I just can't see them calling each other "lover", though I know other people are perfectly happy with that!) There's a few continuity niggles too, but again I was able to ignore them - it's lovely and long too, so there was space to get over them...[5]
This is a long story, and there is all sorts to enjoy in it. I am particularly taken by Doyle's single-mindedness and determination as he chases Bodie to the coast, and how he manages to get Cowley out of the way - I can just see Cowley's disbelief as he realises he's been tricked. I like the dialogue: not just Bodie and Doyle together, but each of them with other characters, whether long-suffering parents or rattled arms dealers. The casefic element is intricate and the separation of the two during the investigation provides plenty of scope for further complications - and complications there are. And I love the choice of location for the final action scenes.[6]
I love Bodie in AOTT - he's "my" Bodie, strong, incredibly loyal, committed to Doyle and not afraid of saying it. Cowley is interesting too - he's astounded by the relationship, connives against it, yet he's protective of his men in a way that isn't just about keeping scandal away from CI5. That characterisation feels plausible, unlike some others I've read. I decided I can cope with the lover/love/sweetheart stuff. There's only so much of it, after all...[7]
This is a very interesting story and I love the first half of it - the way the two get together - very much. From there it turns into more of a "case" story and that's fine but I find the ending a little frustrating. I still love the story but I'm not fond of stories where the two seem to misunderstand each other so thoroughly just because they can't open their mouths and be honest with each other - that makes me crazy! [8]
MLで必読として挙げられていた "ACTION OF THE TIGER"(これはslash) by EPS がこの続編作品であることから、だったらやはりまず最初の作品から読むべきであらふという考えからしぶしぶのことでしたが、、、、いやぁナカナカ [9]
I read 'Tiger by the Tail' early on - it's very good gen, the kind that lets you feel the relationship between the Lads in the middle of a cracking good case fic. The gen sequel (BBTH) kicked me out early on - too much of the kids. Although I had enjoyed them in TBTT they were too much for me in that one. They're basically the same in AOTT, but more tolerable, as the story is all the better for the slash relationship *g*. And the case part of the plot is good.[10]
The slash version starts pretty much right away, when one of the characters realizes that he is physically interested in his partner. And there is the predictable angst about it because this was that period where you couldn't just say, “Let's get it on,” and either, “Ok, yes,” or “No, thanks.” There had to be angst about it. [11]


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