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For the Nebraska con, see Our Con.

Star Trek Convention
Name: Ourcon
Dates: May 4-5, 1975
Frequency: once
Location: Michigan State University
Type: fan-run fan con
Focus: Star Trek: TOS
Organization: sponsored by MSUSTC
Founding Date:
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from 1975 flyer

Ourcon was held May 4-5, 1975 somewhere on the Michigan State University campus.

It was chaired by Lori Chapek-Carleton. Security was provided by Dorsai Irregulars.

Guests of Honor

James Doohan, Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, Mark Lenard, David Gerrold, Jeff Maynard & The Andromeda Light Show.

Essay by David Gerrold

From the program book:

STAR TREK is yours. Those of us who had a part in it originally, whether writing, acting, or just behind the scenes technical work, had an incredible enthusiasm for the show. But our efforts are long since finished- or perhaps just temporarily interrupted— and the enthusiasm and love has been passed on to you.

You have taken that enthusiasm and love and amplified it, fed it back and amplified it again and again, until STAR TREK is no longer just a TV show, but a phenomenon. The rewarding thing about the phenomenon is that it is not a studio-produced hype, not the product of some PR man's ad campaign, but an honest, genuine, grass-roots movement.

STAR TREK was a show that promised there will be a future. The fans of TREK are the people who will make that future come to be, because they believe in the dreams. Those of us who write science fiction are always gratified when our dreams are shared, for only in the sharing can they come true. So many people have responded so warmly to my efforts as a writer that it has been overpowering.

I have been told- and I believe that it is true - that I have a responsibility to the fans. So, as long as you continue to invite me to your conventions, then I will oontinue to attend and try to share with you some of the magic, and some of the ways we can make the magic happen again, whether through STAR TREK or through some new drtams of tomorrow.

Live long, live well. -- David Gerrold

The Program Book

It contains 27 pages of ads for zines, bookstores, and clubs. It has many black and white photos of the Star Trek cast, many with humorous captions. The book also lists the con committee, an essay by Walter Koenig, and a shorter essay by David Gerrold.

Some Fan Comments

  • a fan in The Halkan Council #9 writes: "Why are the larger ST cons running low on attendance recently?... Benecia, I hear, got only about 600, Ourcon got around 700, hardly the 1000+ they were planning on... Have there been too many big cons recently, or have we recidivists heard it all too many times before? You do get sick of the dumb questions and the crowds; there is even -- really! -- a point beyond which you can't get too worked up about seeing George or Jimmy or Gene or whoever again. It's more than about time for a trek relaxacon."
  • the editor of Warped Space says in issue #7 that Ourcon 1975 was fun but financially troublesome and asks other fanzines (in exchange for a free ad in Warped Space) to run an announcement that, in part, says: "Ourcon '75 put the MSUSTC heavily into debt. If you wish to donate money to help pull us out of the hole, we can offer you the following deals. Lifetime membership to the MSUSTC (for as long as it and you are in existence) for donations of $5 or more; lifetime membership to the MSUSTC and an Ourcon program book (as long as they last) for donations of $10 or more; and lifetime membership, the program book and a three-issue subscriptions to Warped Space for donations of $15 or more!"
  • From Amani #5: "Our Captain [Nichelle Nichols] wants everyone to know how thrilled she was with the reception she received at OURCON... She was overwhelmed with the warmth and friendliness that everyone exhibited to her, and the interest in our club [The Nichelle Nichols Fan Club]. Third Officer Sharon Ferraro hosted what was going to be a panel about the club, but it ended up becoming more of a talkfest! Several times, Captain Nichele spoke to the convention, answering questions from the floor; she also very much enjoyed being one of the judges of the Costume Ball. I also hear that she entertained with a certain sehlat hand puppet for quite some time on Sunday!... The sehlat was sent to her from our club's sehlat specialist, Elizabeth Marshall. Elsewhere on the MSU campus was another Star Trek gathering; the Residence Hall hosted an event called Star Trek Lives!."

Con Reports

Unknown Zine Issues