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The Overwatch fandom has a large and diverse cast of characters, so there are many potential ships. Overwatch ships tend to use portmanteaus instead of initial abbreviations or full virgule titles.

Naming Conventions

The Virgule

As in many other fandoms, romantic pairings are most commonly denoted by a slash, or virgule, separating the characters' names. For example, a story labeled as "Reaper/Soldier: 76" refers to a romantic (and/or sexual) work whose primary couple is Gabriel Reyes and Jack Morrison.


It is not common for Overwatch pairings to use abbreviated initials. This is partly due to the fact that many characters use aliases. For example, Reaper's real name is Gabriel Reyes. This leads to many different abbreviations. Instead, portmanteaus are used.


Portmanteaus are extremely common in Overwatch ship names. For example, McCree/Hanzo is nearly always referred to as McHanzo.

With the rise in popularity of Tumblr, which does not support the "/" symbol in tags, portmanteaus have become the norm of many fandoms.

Common Pairing Names

Het Pairings

Characters Involved Primary Pairing Name Portmanteau /
Other Names
Genji Shimada/Angela Ziegler Genji/Mercy Gency, Emergenji
Reinhardt Wilhelm/Ana Amari Ana/Reinhardt Anahardt
Lúcio Correia dos Santos/Hana Song Lúcio/D.Va Bunnyribbit
Genji Shimada/Hana Song Genji/D.Va CyborgBunny, Cyborg Bunny
Jamison Fawkes/Satya Vaswani Junkrat/Symmetra Ordered Chaos, Symmrat
Jack Morrison/Ana Amari Soldier:76/Ana Ana76
Jack Morrison/Angela Ziegler Soldier:76/Mercy Mercy76
Gabriel Reyes/Angela Ziegler Reaper/Mercy Mercykill
Jesse McCree/Angela Ziegler McCree/Mercy McMercy
Jesse McCree/Sombra McCree/Sombra McSombra
Jesse McCree/Elizabeth Caledonia Ashe McCree/Ashe McAshe
Mei-Ling Zhou/Jamison Fawkes Mei/Junkrat Meihem
Siebren de Kuiper/Angela Ziegler Sigma/Mercy Sigmercy
Sombra/Siebren de Kuiper Sombra/Sigma Gravityhacker
Siebren de Kuiper/Moira O'Deorain Sigma/Moira Sigmoira

Slash Pairings

Characters Involved Primary Pairing Name Portmanteau /
Other Names
Gabriel Reyes/Jack Morrison Reaper/Soldier: 76 Reaper76
Jesse McCree/Hanzo Shimada McCree/Hanzo McHanzo
Jesse McCree/Gabriel Reyes McCree/Reaper McReaper, McReyes
Jesse McCree/Genji Shimada McCree/Genji McGenji, GenCree
Jesse McCree/Jack Morrison McCree/Soldier: 76 Mc76
Genji Shimada/Hanzo Shimada Genji/Hanzo Shimadacest
Genji Shimada/Tekhartha Zenyatta Genji/Zenyatta Genyatta
Mako Rutledge/Jamison Fawkes Roadhog/Junkrat Roadrat
Torbjörn Lindholm/Reinhardt Wilhelm Torbjörn/Reinhardt
Lúcio Correia dos Santos/Jamison Fawkes Lúcio/Junkrat Boombox
Lúcio Correia dos Santos/Genji Shimada Lúcio/Genji Gencio
Akande Ogundimu/Gabriel Reyes Doomfist/Reaper Doomreap
Akande Ogundimu/Lúcio Correia dos Santos Doomfist/Lúcio Doomcio
Akande Ogundimu/Tekhartha Zenyatta Doomfist/Zenyatta Doomyatta
Akande Ogundimu/Hanzo Shimada Doomfist/Hanzo Doomzo
Akande Ogundimu/Genji Shimada Doomfist/Genji
Jean-Baptiste Augustin/Lúcio Correia dos Santos Baptiste/Lúcio Bapcio

Femslash Pairings

Characters Involved Primary Pairing Name Portmanteau /
Other Names
Aleksandra Zaryanova/Mei-Ling Zhou Zarya/Mei Zaryamei, Russian Winter, Ice Bears
Aleksandra Zaryanova/Satya Vaswani Zarya/Symmetra Zarmetra, Snowprism
Aleksandra Zaryanova/Angela Ziegler Zarya/Mercy Zarcy
Aleksandra Zaryanova/Sombra Zarya/Sombra Sombrya
Amélie Lacroix/Angela Ziegler Widowmaker/Mercy Mercymaker
Amélie Lacroix/Lena Oxton Widowmaker/Tracer Widowtracer, Tracemaker
Amélie Lacroix/Mei-Ling Zhou Widowmaker/Mei Widowmeiker
Amélie Lacroix/Sombra Widowmaker/Sombra Spiderbyte
Amélie Lacroix/Elizabeth Caledonia Ashe Widowmaker/Ashe Ashemaker, WidowAshe, Ouihaw
Fareeha Amari/Satya Vaswani Pharah/Symmetra Symmarah, Sympharah, Pharmetra
Fareeha Amari/Angela Ziegler Pharah/Mercy Pharmercy, Rocket Angel
Hana Song/Angela Ziegler D.Va/Mercy HanaMercy, D.vercy
Hana Song/Brigitte Lindholm D.Va/Brigitte Mekanic, Mekamechanic
Hana Song/Yuna Lee D.Va/D.Mon Dvamon
Lena Oxton/Angela Ziegler Tracer/Mercy Speedy Recovery
Lena Oxton/Emily Tracer/Emily Lenily, Emilena, Lemon Tea
Mei-Ling Zhou/Lena Oxton Mei/Tracer Meicer
Moira O'Deorain/Angela Ziegler Moira/Mercy Moicy, Moircy
Satya Vaswani/Amélie Lacroix Symmetra/Widowmaker Widowmetra
Satya Vaswani/Hana Song Symmetra/D.Va Virtual Reality, D.vinity,
Satya Vaswani/Mei-Ling Zhou Symmetra/Mei Symmeitra
Satya Vaswani/Sombra Symmetra/Sombra Symbra, Symmbra, Sommetra
Sombra/Hana Song Sombra/D.Va 1337 H4X0R,, CyberBunny
Sombra/Angela Ziegler Sombra/Mercy

Threesomes & Moresomes

Characters Involved Primary Pairing Name Portmanteau /
Other Names
Ana Amari/Reinhardt Wilhelm/Jack Morrison Ana/Reinhardt/Soldier:76
Ana Amari/Gabriel Reyes/Jack Morrison Ana/Reaper/Soldier:76
Jesse McCree/Gabriel Reyes/Jack Morrison McCree/Reaper/Soldier:76 McReaper76
Jamison Fawkes/Hana Song/Lúcio Correia dos Santos Junkrat/D.Va/Lúcio
Amélie Lacroix/Lena Oxton/Emily Widowmaker/Tracer/Emily Widowtracily, Widowtracerly
Jesse McCree/Hanzo Shimada/Genji Shimada McCree/Hanzo/Genji McShimadacest


Parody ships frequently include Bastion, a genderless robot. A popular parody ship is Bastion/Torbjörn due to Torbjörn's skill in making robots. Another popular parody ship is Winston/Tracer, which makes fun of some fans who shipped the two in early release. It is considered a parody ship because of a double whammy - Winston is a gorilla and Tracer is a lesbian. A crack ship is Winston/Hammond, who are a gorilla and a hamster.