Angela Ziegler

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Name: Angela Ziegler aka Mercy
Occupation: Battle Medic, Nanobiologist
Title/Rank: Doctor
Location: Zürich, Switzerland
Status: alive
Fandom: Overwatch
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Angela Ziegler, also known as Mercy, is a playable character from Overwatch, a first-person shooter game by Blizzard Entertainment.


Angela was the head of a prominent Swiss hospital, and pioneered a breakthrough in nanotechnology. After recognising its ability to help her save lives, she joined Overwatch and became their head of medical research. However, she often disagreed with their militaristic approach and when Overwatch dissolved, she dedicated herself to helping those who were affected by the Omnic Crisis.[1]

Mercy is what many fans term as the 'stereotypical healer' of the franchise. This has led to complaints that her position as a nearly defenceless healer is a reinforcement of gender roles.

Reaction to Reflections Comic

In the Christmas 2016 comic Reflections, Mercy is shown reading a letter that may have been sent by Genji, although this is unconfirmed.[2] This event caused some ship wars between Pharah/Mercy and Genji/Mercy shippers.


Another popular headcanon is that Mercy is quite exasperated and/or jaded from her experiences as a doctor. This headcanon stems from players who frequently play Mercy and feel the same exasperated emotions.

Some popular fanon tropes include:

  • Mercy being very formal, sometimes overly so, when talking to others
  • Mercy being selfless even to the point of self-destruction
  • A rivalry, friendly or otherwise, with Team Fortress 2's Medic.
  • Valkyrie!Mercy based on Viking themed in-game skins
  • Devil! Mercy based on in-game skins

Fan theories about Mercy include:

  • Mercy being ageless. This was debunked when lead Overwatch writer Michael Chu revealed that Mercy does age.[3]
  • Mercy being evil/villainous, and responsible for turning Gabriel Reyes into his wraith-like form.[4] It was later revealed that Moira O'Deorain was responsible for his transformation.[5]


Mercy is frequently shipped with other characters because of their in-game compatibility. The juggernaut Mercy ship is Pharah/Mercy, as their joint ability to fly complements each other. There was also a game-mode featuring only Mercy and Pharah, which encouraged shippers.

As reddit user AlfredTheJones wrote:[6]

Two pretty women that are close in age, work great together in game, they're both quite mature so they work good in a domestic setting. There's something about both of them that appeals to lesbians.

Another popular ship is Genji/Mercy. This ship stems from Mercy saving Genji's life, and from datamined voice lines of them sharing chocolates. There is some wank over this ship as some fans dislike the notion that Mercy is straight, and others argue that it is an imbalance of power due to them having a doctor/patient relationship. Regardless, the ship has a large following, although not as large as Pharah/Mercy

Ever since Moira O’Deorain’s release, Moira/Mercy has become another popular ship. Mercy and Moira are considered rivals in many ways, and also have similar affections for Genji, so it could be construed as a rivalshipping of sorts, as Moira is the Yin to Mercy’s Yang.

Concept Mercy

In October 2017, concept art of Mercy was found in an art book, and was an instant fan favourite.[7] Many fans found the design of a compassionate black man in a support position to be trope defying and preferred it over the final design. Others prefer to see them as siblings or completely separate heroes. The commonly accepted name for concept Mercy is Angelo.[8]

Example Fanworks

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[Examples illustrating common tropes; gen works; pairings other than those with their own articles]

  • Merciful Murder by CookieBandit. A story following Dr. Angela Ziegler through joining Overwatch, its aftermath, and the twisted path she walks trying to play God. Will eventually feature mature content, and explores a romance between Mercy and Reaper.
  • No Mercy by Mashed and The Living Tombstone is an animated music video, focusing on players who refuse to play Mercy, and those who complain about them.
  • Mercy VS Medic by JT Machinima is a rap battle between Mercy and Medic from Team Fortress 2.



  • Heroes Never Die, a fan film - Mercy is put to the test as she is haunted by the memories of her past, but is faced with an impossible situation in the present.

Mercy-centric Communities


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