Heroes Never Die

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Fan Film
Title: Heroes Never Die - An Overwatch Fan Film
Creator: Lupin Productions
Date: 1/05/2017
Length: 9:21
Medium: Youtube Video
Genre: Drama
Fandom: Overwatch
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yo6G4LmRxRk

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Heroes Never Die is an Overwatch fanfilm centred on the character Angela Ziegler, also known as 'Mercy'. The Movie's official description:

Mercy is put to the test as she is haunted by the memories of her past, but is faced with an impossible situation in the present.

Reviews and Response

The response on Youtube was overwhelmingly positive, with nearly a million views as of 13/08/2017.[1]

From LightningBolt18:

omg! i love it. it brings a whole new meaning to angela's line. now i can't play her without thinking about this. great job and i hope you guys make more

From Mátyás Varga:

Wow! This was beautyful! The scene at 4:50 was extremely good! My absolute favourite part was that! Also you made me feel, and hate you (nah, I love you). I'll be looking forward for more shorts like this. Thank you for making this amazing short film.

Some criticisms of the fanfilm were that the costumes could be jarring, and that the German pronunciation was hard to understand. The fanfilm also deviated from canon, suggesting that Angela's father was the one that invented the valkyrie suit, whereas in canon that was entirely Angela's doing.

The fanfilm also gained attention from news outlets such as PVP Live[2] and Mashable.[3]


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