Jesse McCree

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Name: Jesse McCree
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Relationships: Gabriel Reyes (Mentor)
Fandom: Overwatch
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Jesse McCree is a playable character from Overwatch, a first-person shooter game by Blizzard Entertainment.


Jesse is an American outlaw and bounty hunter, formerly part of the Deadlock gang. He was recruited into Overwatch and Blackwatch, but after its destruction went underground.

In 2021, his name was officially changed by Blizzard to Cole Cassidy on October 26 in order to remove references to problematic former employees, one of whom the now Cole Cassidy was formerly named after. [1]


  • Jesse having low self-esteem (example: You're Perfect to Me by Karkiitiie)
  • Jesse having psychological issues due to his time in Blackwatch, typically PTSD
  • Jesse being generally a bit awkward romantically (example: 'Hanzo thinks he's an idiot' by giurin)
  • Werewolf!McCree and Vampire!McCree are popular fanfiction AUs

There are lots of fanworks that focus on Jesse's Blackwatch days. These tend to involve interactions with his mentor Gabriel Reyes. These speculative fanworks are popular due to the extensive hints Blizzard Entertainment have given in regards to his past, including easter eggs in in-game maps, backstory and his younger appearance in cinematic shorts.


Ships including Jesse McCree are typically slash. The biggest ship with Jesse McCree, and the biggest ship in the whole fandom, is McCree/Hanzo.

Other popular slash ships include McCree/Genji and McCree/Reaper.

Het ships are not particularly popular, and many fans headcanon him as gay.

Example Fanworks

[Examples illustrating common tropes; gen works; pairings other than those with their own articles]

  • Hang the Fool by AlmaMaDuele. How the heroic organization Overwatch acquires the talents of one Hanzo Shimada, and how gunslinger Jesse McCree will probably suffer because of it for the rest of his days.
  • Western Wisdom by Anna_Blossom. A series of stories featuring Jesse McCree, Overwatch's resident gunslinger, dishing out some of that good ol' fashioned advice, mostly through the use of cowboy metaphors.
  • An American Werewolf in London by FrostysaurusRekt. They worked well together, that’s all Hanzo had ever been concerned about when it came to McCree.



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