Ana Amari

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Name: Ana Amari
Occupation: Army sniper (formerly), Overwatch (formerly), bounty hunter, vigilante
Relationships: Fareeha Amari (Daughter), Jack Morrison (Co-worker)
Fandom: Overwatch
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Ana Amari is a playable character from Overwatch, a first-person shooter game by Blizzard Entertainment.


Ana was originally part of the Egyptian army, serving as a sniper during the Omnic crisis. She joined Overwatch and became Jack Morrison's second in command, and helped win the war. She remained in Overwatch well into her fifties - however, one day she was gravely injured by Amélie Lacroix, also known as Widowmaker. She survived but lost her right eye.[1]

Now she fights as a vigilante to protect her country.

Fareeha's Father Theories

Ana is the mother of Fareeha Amari, another playable character in Overwatch. Fareeha's father, however, is not specified. This has led to many fan theories and discussions over who her father is.

The most popular theory is that her father is Reinhardt Wilhelm. This is supported by some canon evidence - namely, Ana and Reinhardt worked together in Overwatch, and were close friends. As well as this, fans have suggested that Fareeha's in-game skins may be a clue to her parentage.

As an article on Polygon stated:[2]

It goes like this: Heroes in Overwatch have four rare skins, all of which are based on a theme. Zenyatta's are elemental, for example. D.Va’s are fruit flavors.

Then there's Ana and Reinhardt's rare skins. Ana's are jewel-themed, and Reinhardt’s are metallic. Those two flirt with each other in the dialogue.

So? So there is only one character who has two different themes in her rare skins set: Pharah. Two are jewels, and two are metals.

Hm. Hmmmmm.

The evidence was enough to persuade many fans on the Overwatch reddit page.

The second prominent theory centres around the Christmas comic Reflections. In the comic, Fareeha is seen talking to an older man, who looks as if he may be the right age to be her father. This theory is also supported by the Canadian references shown in the image - Fareeha has two native Canadian-based skins, which would make more sense if she was part Canadian.[3]

Blizzard Entertainment have yet to confirm or deny any fan theories.


Tropes within fanworks include:

  • Ana acting as a tutor to Jesse McCree
  • Ana being a 'crochety grandmother'
  • Emphasis on exploring Ana and Fareeha's mother/daughter relationship
  • Describing in-game gripes and annoyances in comic fanwork form


The juggernaut ship including Ana is Reinhardt/Ana. This ship is popular due to the characters' joint history and flirtatious in-game voice lines. As well as this, they perform well together in-game.

Smaller ships include Jack Morrison/Ana and Gabriel Reyes/Ana.

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