Reinhardt Wilhelm

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Name: Reinhardt Wilhelm
Occupation: German Army (formerly), Overwatch
Location: Unknown
Status: alive
Relationships: Ana Amari (friend)
Fandom: Overwatch
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Reinhardt Wilhelm is a playable character from Overwatch, a first-person shooter game by Blizzard Entertainment.


Reinhardt was a dedicated member of the German army, and joined the original Overwatch strike team that helped end the Omnic crisis. He served until his late fifties when he was faced with mandatory retirement.[1] Despondent at this, he continues to fight for good across the world using his crusader armor.[2]


The fandom around Reinhardt mostly focuses on his larger than life personality and loud charisma. Fan tropes include:

  • Reinhardt having a softer side[3]
  • Comparing Reinhardt to other physically large fictional characters and people[4]

Fareeha's Father Theory

A popular theory amongst fans is that Reinhardt is actually Fareeha Amari's father. While Fareeha's mother is Ana Amari, another playable in-game character, her father is unconfirmed which has led to lots of fan speculation. Some factors that have led to this theory are that Ana and Reinhardt knew each other in Overwatch in the past and exchange friendly (and even flirtatious) voice lines in game.[5] As well as this, Fareeha's character skins are a mix of metals (Reinhardt's skin theme) and jewels (Ana's skin theme).[6]

Overwatch Reddit user Decibelle stated:[7]

Okay, I hear you say. Jewels and metals, Deci. That's a bit of a stretch, isn't it?

Then let's look at Pharah's skins.

  • Amethyst (Jewel)
  • Emerald (Jewel)
  • Copper (Metal)
  • Titanium (Metal)

Ana and Reinhardt subtly flirt in their quotes and clearly have a relationship. (Ana? How could this be? I thought you were dead/You are looking as lovely as ever.) They both served at the same time, at the same age. Also, judging by official art, young Ana and young Reinhardt were pretty fine.

But, more importantly - Pharah is 50% Ana, and 50% Reinhardt.

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