Ana's Day Out

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Title: Ana's Day Out - Overwatch Animation
Creator: Studio AFK
Date: 26/03/2017
Length: 1:32
Audio: Overwatch music, other
Fandom: Overwatch

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Ana's Day Out is an animated Overwatch fanvid by Studio AFK. Their description of the vid: 'Ana tries her best to support her team, but will they appreciate her efforts?'.

Reactions and Reviews

From Isai Baez:

I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but your positioning is actually amazing. I know where Ana is 100% of the time, and since i know the map in the animation i have this really solid sense of area and scale while watching this.

The whole animation feels so clean because of it. Thanks for putting in the extra time and effort for paying attention to the environment, that's quality animation.

I also love the use of your camera positions and cuts, every scene transitions so smoothly.

Great stuff, keep it up.