Amélie Lacroix

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Name: Amélie Lacroix aka Widowmaker
Occupation: Talon agent
Location: Unknown
Status: alive
Relationships: Gabriel Reyes (Fellow agent), Sombra (Fellow agent), Gerard Lacroix (Former husband), Lena Oxton (Enemy)
Fandom: Overwatch
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Amélie Lacroix, also known as Widowmaker is a playable character from Overwatch, a first-person shooter game by Blizzard Entertainment.


Amélie Lacroix used to be the wife of Gerard Lacroix, an Overwatch agent who spearheaded missions against criminal organisation Talon. In an effort to kill him, Talon kidnapped Amélie and brainwashed her. They returned her, apparently none the worse for wear, and she murdered Gerard two weeks later.

She is now an agent of Talon, and her physiology has been altered, removing emotion and slowing her heartbeat which has given her blue skin. She was part of a conflict between Overwatch and Talon wherein she had a sniping battle with Ana Amari. Ana hesitated, recognising her as Amélie, and Widowmaker shot Ana in the eye through her scope.[1]

In the animated short Alive, Widowmaker and Tracer fight as Widowmaker tries to assassinate Tekhartha Mondatta. She succeeds in assassinating him, a fact which she references in in-game voice lines.


It is a popular headcanon for Widowmaker to feel more emotion than she may let on. This is most likely for shipping purposes, although it is suggested in the Overwatch comic Reflections that she mourns Gerard's death.

Common tropes include:

  • Overwatch!Widowmaker, where the brainwashing never happened
  • Including spider motifs in fanart
  • Enemies to lovers/ Enemies and lovers fanfiction with Overwatch members
  • Vampire!Widowmaker is popluar in AU's thanks to her Huntress skin.


The juggernaut ship involving Widowmaker is Widowmaker/Tracer, commonly called 'Widowtracer'. This ship is popular because the two characters featured in the first Overwatch animated short, Alive. Fans immediately began shipping them, and it remains one of the largest femslash pairings in the Overwatch fandom.

A smaller ship featuring Widowmaker is Widowmaker/Sombra. Due to the fact that Sombra was added to the hero roster well after Overwatch's release, and because most of her true identity is a secret, there isn't quite as much shipping potential. Despite this, the ship has a significant following.

The majority of ships featuring Widowmaker are femslash, despite the fact that she has canonically had a husband. Many fans headcanon her as bisexual.

Example Fanworks

[Examples illustrating common tropes; gen works; pairings other than those with their own articles]


  • A Widow's Visit by Atlas_the_author. It's been years, decades, since the murder of Gerard Lacroix and the "disappearance" of his wife Amelie. But still, every year on the anniversary of his death, he gets a visitor.
  • Une Froid Nuit by DaggerStar. Widowmaker and Reaper get a chance to relax.


Widowmaker-centric Communities


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