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Name: Sombra
Occupation: Talon agent, hacker
Location: Unknown
Status: alive
Relationships: Gabriel Reyes (Fellow agent), Amélie Lacroix (Fellow agent)
Fandom: Overwatch
Other: Real name unknown
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Sombra is a playable character from Overwatch, a first-person shooter game by Blizzard. Her real name is unknown and there is no popular fanon name for her.


Sombra is a hacker and a part of Talon, a criminal organisation. She comes from Mexico, but her true identity is unknown.


Due to the limited amount of information about Sombra, there are many headcanons about her. Most centre around her being manipulative, petty and highly intelligent.

There is some conversation in fandom about her relationship with the members of Talon, especially how they seem to strongly dislike her. Tumblr user the-queen-is-off-duty wrote:

Something that is so hilariously sad is that right now in canon, I can’t think of a single person that likes Sombra. Even Hanzo and Reaper are more loved than her... It’s so sad and bizarre. This poor woman has a grand plan and can actually execute it but she has no one that finds her company even moderately nice. I mean, it’s not 100% clear but even Reaper and Widowmaker have each other. This is so sad and a wonderful plot point for a character. It has some real nice opportunities to make Sombra one of the most powerful people in the world but also the most miserable. Of course Reaper is a strong contender but right now Sombra is in the lead. At least that’s my take on it.[1]

This conversation mainly stems from voice lines in-game between Sombra and other characters - even her voice lines with other talon agents Amélie Lacroix and Gabriel Reyes are unfriendly.

Another large headcanon is that Sombra is Jesse McCree's sister.[2] This is due to Jesse's unknown ethnicity; while he is canonically American, some fans speculate that he may have Mexican heritage. The two characters were also seen at the same bar on Christmas day in the online comic 'Reflections'.

Sombra ARG


Sombra is not part of any juggernaut ships in the Overwatch fandom. Instead, she is part of several smaller ships. Sombra/Symmetra is popular, possibly due to both characters having their own intentions outside of both Talon and Overwatch. The other main ship is Sombra/Widowmaker. Both characters are a part of Talon, and were both part of the animated short 'infiltration'.

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