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Talon is the name of the terrorist group that fought against Overwatch during the Omnic crisis, and still fights to eradicate former members of Overwatch.


This list is non-definitive, as new characters are regularly added to Overwatch's lore.

  • Sombra - While Sombra is a member of Talon, she works with them to achieve her own goal of information gathering and manipulation.
  • Amélie Lacroix - Amélie, also known as Widowmaker, was kidnapped and brainwashed by Talon to become the perfect assassin.
  • Gabriel Reyes - After nearly being killed, Gabriel joined Talon under the guise of 'Reaper' to get revenge on his former friends
  • Akande Ogundimu - Better known as 'Doomfist', Akande is the leader of Talon. He is the third wielder of the Doomfist gauntlet.


Talon is the centre of a lot of fan activity. One of the most popular ot3 ships is Sombra/Widowmaker/Reaper, and there is a plethora of fanfiction and fanart exploring how they interact on a day-to-day basis. Since Overwatch's lore is quite flexible, there is lots of room for creators to imagine scenarios that would be plausible in the canon universe; for example, fanfics about Talon skirmishing against Overwatch members.

Tropes and Genres

An ongoing joke within the Overwatch fandom is that Reaper isn't good at completing missions. In two different official animations, Recall and the very first trailer, Overwatch Cinematic Trailer, two different incidents are shown where Reaper is prevented from reaching his goal by Overwatch members. Then, in the short Infiltration, he is tricked by Sombra and again fails to complete his mission.

So when the Overwatch Twitter released a fictional news story about Reaper breaking Doomfist out of prison, Reaper was the butt of jokes about his final success.[1]

Popular fanwork tropes include:

  • Comparing Sombra, Widowmaker and Reaper to team rocket from Pokemon
  • Focusing on Widowmaker's relationship with her former husband Gerard

Most fanworks about Talon don't include Doomfist, as it was only revealed a year after Overwatch's release that Doomfist is the leader of Overwatch.


A strong point of discussion is the details of how Talon functions, and the timeline of Talon. In Talon - What do we know, user FailCraft discusses their thoughts on what is still a mystery about Talon. (Note - this was made before the reveal of Doomfist)

1) Funding? Another question is “how do Talon afford to operate”, so that could cover selling of rare artifacts.

2) Eliminating Threats - helping Reaper with his apparent goal of killing ex Overwatch agents over the last few years, eliminates possible Talon opposition..but why? Is that all? Any deeper reason? No Overwatch resurrection would certainly be good for Talon - perhaps it’s that simple. Some people just want to watch the world burn..

3) The Doomfist - could be sold, tech to be used or refitted/re-engineered.. One of the doomfists could level skyscrapers, then that’s something a terrorist organisation would like to have on their side!





Meta/Further Reading


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