Akande Ogundimu

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Name: Akande Ogundimu, Doomfist, Doomfist: The Successor
Occupation: CEO, Leader of talon, Martial Artist (formerly)
Title/Rank: CEO
Location: Unknown
Status: alive
Relationships: Gabriel Reyes (Talon), Amelie Lacroix (Talon), Sombra (Talon)
Fandom: Overwatch
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Akande Ogundimu, also known as Doomfist is a playable character from Overwatch, a first-person shooter game by Blizzard Entertainment.


Akande is the third person to wield the Doomfist gauntlet.[1] He is the leader of Talon, and is very strong and cunning. After attacking Numbani, as shown in his origin video, Akande was defeated by Overwatch and imprisoned. However, in content outside of the game - including the comic Masquerade - it was shown that Reaper helped Akande escape. He intends to annihilate Overwatch and seeks power through growth.


Ever since the first teaser trailer for Overwatch was released, fans have been speculating over Doomfist's existence.[2] On websites like Reddit and Tumblr, fans observed the clues littered around the Numbani map that pointed towards the existence of Doomfist, including his gauntlet and a silhouette poster. Many hypothesised that he would be a tank character.[3]

When he was announced on July 6, 2017, the response was overwhelmingly positive. Fans were overjoyed to have another black male character, and were pleased to have another member of Talon join the playable ranks of Overwatch.

One of the most immediate reactions was the fear of what shipping names would become; due to the tendency for Overwatch ship names to be portmanteaus, fans joked about possible ship names such as 'mcfist' and 'reapfist'.[4]

A less positive reaction from fans was disappointment over the voice actor. Akande is voiced by Sahr Ngaujah,[5] however many fans had been hoping for actor and former football player Terry Crews to voice him. This is because Terry expressed interest in voicing the role on his twitter.[6] This led to fan backlash, especially over twitter.[7]

A lot of Doomfist fanart stems from in-game or lore interactions. For example, Doomfist has had a confrontation in Numbani before against OR-15s, the kind of robot Orisa was created from. A lot of fanart focuses on the animosity between the two.[8]

Another point of fanart and humour is interactions between Doomfist and Hanzo. In an in-game voice interaction, Doomfist suggests that Hanzo should join Talon. Hanzo refuses, stating he would rather choose his own path.[9] Lots of fanart has been born from this, predominantly focusing on Talon refusing to give up on Hanzo and chasing him around like desperate door salesmen.[10]


The biggest ship with Doomfist is Doomfist/Reaper. Both characters are in Talon and have significant interaction in the comic Masquerade. Another popular ship is Doomfist/Lúcio.

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