Tekhartha Zenyatta

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Name: Tekhartha Zenyatta aka Zenyatta
Occupation: Shambali Monk (formerly)
Location: Shambali Monastery, Nepal
Status: alive
Relationships: Genji Shimada (Pupil)
Fandom: Overwatch
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Tekhartha Zenyatta, also known as Zenyatta is a playable character from Overwatch, a first-person shooter game by Blizzard Entertainment.


Zenyatta is an Omnic (the word for robot in the Overwatch universe), and was formerly a Shambali monk under the leadership of Tekhartha Mondatta. Mondatta and the other Omnic monks agreed that they should work to achieve peace with humans through speeches and talks, however Zenyatta disagreed. It was his opinion that peace should be reached through interconnection and sharing of cultures. Due to this, he chose to leave the monastery and travel the world as an adventurer and guru.

On his travels, he met Genji Shimada. Genji had just been transformed into a cyborg and was seeking guidance. He became Zenyatta's student, and refers to him as 'master'.


A common fanon trope is to draw human versions of Zenyatta. These human representations are typically Nepalese, bald, and with tattoos of dots on his forehead.[1] Some art depicts him as using a wheelchair or having a walking disability.[2] This is because in-game, Zenyatta floats.

Common tropes include:

  • Depicting Zenyatta in hipster clothing (because he is 20 years old in canon)
  • Zenyatta visibly blushing or displaying emotion
  • Puns regarding his orbs, which are his primary weapon.
  • Zenyatta being portrayed as having a more friendly and bubbly personality than his canon serene emotions.


The juggernaut ship involving Zenyatta is Genji/Zenyatta, generally called 'Genyatta'. This ship is popular because Genji and Zenyatta have an extensive history together, and Zenyatta helped Genji in a time of great need. Some fans consider this ship inappropriate due to their student/master relatioinship.

Parodic ships regarding the other omnics in Overwatch - Bastion and Orisa - are sometimes referenced, although there is little to no following for them.

Example Fanworks

[Examples illustrating common tropes; gen works; pairings other than those with their own articles]

  • Broth by artvinsky. aka. that one ramen fic involving the Shimadas and the rest of the team.
  • Robotic dorks in love by Hubris_and_Crafts. Look. 'Gay Robots in Love' is like, my thing, okay?
  • There Is Always A Beginning by TymBunn. Genji and Zenyatta's first kisses, respectfully.
  • All That Remains by TomorrowsHero. When Genji was broken, Zenyatta was there to pick him up. When Genji went off to fight the good fight, Zenyatta was there to fight with him. When Genji died, Zenyatta was left behind to crumble.


Zenyatta-centric Communities


  1. Human Zenyatta art - 7clubs on Tumblr
  2. Genji & Zenyatta fanart - PastelOmnic on Tumblr