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Name: Orisa
Occupation: Protector of Numbani
Location: Numbani
Status: alive
Relationships: Efi Oladele (Creator)
Fandom: Overwatch
Other: Omnic
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Orisais a playable character from Overwatch, a first-person shooter game by Blizzard.


Orisa is made from the remains of OR15 robots, who were decommissioned and dismantled after fighting to protect Numbani from Doomfist. Orisa herself is instilled with a sense of honour and justice, and her artificial intelligence is always adapting and strengthening her sense of duty.[1]


There are not very many headcanons about Orisa. This is likely due to her limited lore and non-humanoid appearance. She also has very few voice lines so it is difficult to make links between her and other characters. However, there are many fanworks that depict her as being very friendly towards lúcio correia dos santos[2], and strongly unfriendly to Jamison Fawkes and Mako Rutledge due to them being criminals.[3]

Common tropes include:

  • Orisa being friends with the other Omnics, including D.Va's Mech (generally not considered an Omnic)[4]
  • Orisa depicted alongside her creator, Efi Oladele[5]
  • Orisa being ridden like a horse by Jesse McCree, a joke based on his cowboy appearance[6]


There are currently no large ships involving Orisa. It is not common to ship Omnics in the Overwatch fandom. There is, however, a crack ship of Orisa and Hana Song's mech.

Example Fanworks

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Orisa centric Communities


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