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Name: Doyle
Alias(es): doyle_sb4
Type: author, reccer, webmistress
Fandoms: Angel the Series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who, and others
URL: Hall of Mirrors (via WBM);; All About Spike; @Teaspoon; @dreamwidth; @livejournal
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Doyle is a prolific fan author active mainly in the Buffyverse and Doctor Who fandoms. She writes a huge variety of material, including gen, het, slash and femslash, often about less popular characters and unusual pairings.

Doyle maintained a large Buffyverse recs site, Ice Cream for Freaks, now offline. She also kept a large collection of Buffyverse links. She was the webmistress for the Angel End of Days challenge and Volcano Girls, the Buffy/Cordelia zone of the BtVS Writers' Guild, both now offline.

Her personal fanfiction site, Hall of Mirrors, is offline. Her writing can be accessed via her livejournal memories and at All About Spike, Buffy Fiction Archive and A Teaspoon And An Open Mind, among other archives.

In Her Own Words main fandom these days is Doctor Who (old, new and middle school), though I hang around at the fringes of various Britcom fandoms and I'm being lured in by the shiny happy crack that is Merlin. My last One True Fandom was the Buffyverse, which I'm keeping up with through the comics. I like gen, het, slash, femslash, poly, rare pairs and giant sprawling canons with lots of obscure byways to explore. I have a bit of a thing for unpopular characters - Riley and Kennedy from Buffy, Gwen from Torchwood, Mel from Doctor Who - and I'm not big on OTPs.[1]

From an interview on All About Spike:

[What do you enjoy about writing fanfic?] The chance to fill in the gaps in canon, from the major (did Spike ever meet Penn?) to the ridiculously small (say, Spike's lighter in Gone looks a lot like 50s-Angel's light in Are You Now...) Getting characters to interact in ways we never saw onscreen. Looking at 'well if this had happened instead, how would things have changed?'
[What are your strengths and weaknesses as a fanfic writer?] Strengths: probably dialogue. It's not exactly a strength, but I love all the characters - even Eve has worked her way into my heart like some malignant virus - and I try my best to write them fairly, while not whitewashing any of their bad qualities. Weaknesses: the fact that if given free rein I'll take 500 words to say something that could be said in a thousand. Also, I tend to stick very rigidly in the central character's head, and that can sometimes get in the way, especially in a story with lots of action[2]


Doyle entered BtVS fandom in 2001-2, predominantly as a Spike and Spike/Buffy fan, but did not start writing fanfiction until 2003, by which time her tastes had broadened.[3] Her major fandom became Doctor Who sometime in around 2005.

Notable Fanworks


  • A Girl Made From Sky -- Dawn-centric crossover with Sandman. Flyingtapes writes: There aren't words for how much I love this story. Or rather, there are, but there aren't good ones. ... I don't know how Doyle conceived this but I'm so glad she did. / There's a sort of gently rising action, nothing urgent or hurried about this story. Told from the Cheeseman's perspective in shadowy third-person omniscient dream-talk, this is the kind of thing I love to read and write. It's a smashing story.[4]
  • Bulletproof -- Andrew in the Wishverse. Shrift writes: Great narrative voice. Funny, geeky, and tragic.[5]
  • If That Mockingbird Won't Sing -- Drusilla/Willow femslash. Astridv writes: An unconventional pairing, creepy and convincing - so convincing you don't doubt for a second that this is what happened.[6]
  • Looking-Glass House -- Dana, the slayer from AtS 'Damage'. Shrift writes: Interesting, creepy, and insightful.[5]
  • See How They Run -- Lindsey gapfiller. Astridv writes: Anyone else think that the Lindsey arc in S5 didn't make a whole lot of sense? Turns out that's because this bit of story never got aired. Doyle takes a couple of dangling plot threads, weaves them into a nice fabric and uses that to stuff a few gaping plotholes. And voilà, suddenly a lot of things make a whole lotta more sense. Even Eve. I found myself liking her, and might just view the character with different eyes when rewatching the season.[6]
  • Silent Upon a Peak in Darien -- Ethan story. Espresso Addict writes: Most fanfiction treats Ethan as a plot hook for magical mayhem or an excuse for a bit of Giles slash, so Doyle's nicely characterised piece makes a refreshing change.[7]
  • Skin Deep -- Spike and Xander angst. Oooh. An *excellent* slice of darkness, featuring S7 Spike and Xander. Believable, shivery, subtext-y goodness. (Bright Shiny Objects)[8]
  • The Snow Queen -- Cordelia and Gunn adventure. Astridv writes: This is a well-written adventure plotfic that fits neatly into canon, foreshadowing included. It reads very much like an episode (my favourite). There's a well thought-out plot, the dialogue is top-notch - both Cordy and Gunn sound just like themselves - and I love this story for the countless witty details. The Cordelia in this story kicks ass but isn't the infallible superhuman one occasionally encounters in fanfic.[6]

Doctor Who

Examples Wanted: Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples.

  • Entangled -- Adam character study. Avendya writes: This is the first - and thus far, only - fic I've read that not only makes Adam into a real person, but also makes you empathize with him. The style is absolutely lovely. It's a very memorable portrayal of a character a lot of us tried to forget.[9]
  • Just Impediment -- crossover with Blackadder. Lost Spook writes: I'm still slightly amazed I'm the first to rec this downright brilliant story. ... The only reason I can thinking of for someone not liking this is a) the reader is dead or b) has no sense of humour. ... If you like sarcastic humour and historical hilarity, why are you still hanging around here? Go read![10]
  • Looked Up in Perfect Silence at the Stars -- Time War on Gallifrey. silly-cleo writes: What if Sarah Jane had been on Gallifrey during the Time War? This fic is your answer and it's fabulous. Like the others I've recced this week, lines and ideas from this continue to knock around my brain months after I first read it and in my book at least, I think that counts for something.[11]
  • The Polar Bears' Golf Club -- Rose and Ace adventure. Livii writes: A hilarious and perfectly plotted piece... This story manages to pack in a fascinating original world, politics, feminism, wobbly time bits, a very neat plot, and a fabulous friendship (with a little more, at the end). Rose and Ace make a fantastic team, and this story is non-stop fascinating and hilarious, from start to finish.[12]
  • [More Old School examples needed]


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