Dana (Buffyverse)

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Name: Dana
Occupation: Slayer
Relationships: Parents (Murdered)
Fandom: Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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Dana, played by Navi Rawat (and Jasmine DiAngelo as a child), was a Potential Slayer activated by Willow Rosenberg, first seen in Angel S5.


When Dana was 10 she was kidnapped, and her parents murdered, by a psychopath named Walter Kindel. He kept her caged in the basement of a distillery for several months; she eventually escaped but the experience left her so badly traumatised that she was institutionalised. When she was 25 Willow activated the Potentials; Dana was still insane and became uncontrollable, experiencing repeated flashbacks to the lives (and deaths) of previous Slayers. Eventually she escaped, killing a guard, and made her way back to the distillery, killing several other men en route. Believing her to be possessed, Angel and Spike set out to look for her, but realised that she was a Slayer after their first encounter. They got word to Rupert Giles, who sent Andrew Wells as his representative. During the hunt Dana captured Spike; remembering his murder of two earlier Slayers, and confusing him with Kindel, she cut off his hands. Eventually Angel's team captured her and saved Spike; Andrew arrived with a team of Slayers who took her. Andrew explained that they had no reason to trust Angel, given his association with Wolfram and Hart.

She remained in the hands of the Slayers after this incident and is mentioned in the non-canon novel Queen of the Slayers but does not appear in subsequent canon material.


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Dana is a rare character, appearing in very few fan works. She's usually shown as still in care, institutionalised or accompanied by characters able to keep her under control. Her unusually strong links to previous Slayers mean that she is often used as a source of information.

A Danaficathon was held in 2004.

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