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Occupation: Potential Slayer, Vampire Slayer
Location: Sunnydale, worldwide
Status: Varies
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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Potential Slayers are girls with the potential to become Vampire Slayers. Several were introduced in Buffy S7, most either died or became Slayers during the final battle of the TV series.

  • Amanda was the only Sunnydale native in the group, an acquaintance of Dawn Summers. Played by Sarah Hagan, she was killed during the final battle.
  • Anabelle, played by Courtnee Draper, was one of the first three Potentials who arrived in Sunnyvale with Rupert Giles. She panicked, ran off, and was killed by a Turok-Han vampire.
  • Caridad, played by Dania Ramirez, appeared in one of Xander's erotic dreams, survived to the final battle, subsequent fate unknown.
  • Chao-Ahn, played by Kristy Wu, spoke only Cantonese and had problems communicating with the other characters. She survived the final battle.
  • Chloe, played by Lalaine, was taunted by the First Evil and ultimately commits suicide.
  • Colleen, played by Rachel Bilson, also appeared in Xander's dreams. Fate unknown.
  • Dana, played by Navi Rawat (and Jasmine DiAngelo as a child); appeared in Angel S5. She was institutionalised as insane at the time of activation, having been kidnapped and tortured as a child. After activation she suffered violent hallucinations, memories of past Slayers and vampires. She used Slayer strength to escape, and was eventually rescued from Wolfram and Hart by Andrew Wells and a group of new Slayers.
  • Dianne, played by Miranda Kwok, was killed by Caleb.
  • Eve, played by Amanda Fuller, was never seen alive - she was killed before reaching Buffy and the First Evil took her place to spy on the Potentials and sew dissent.
  • Kennedy, played by Iyari Limon, was one of the first three Potentials. She became Willow's lover, survived the final battle and appears in Season 8-10 comics.
  • Molly, played by Clara Bryant, was British. She was killed by Caleb.
  • Rona, played by Indigo, was the only named black Potential. She was badly wounded but survived the final battle. Quote: "The black chick always gets it first."
  • Shannon, played by Mary Wilcher, was wounded by Caleb but lived to participate in the final battle, which she survived.
  • Vi, played by Felicia Day, was initially timid and notable mainly for her wooly caps, but survived the final battle. She reappears in later comics as leader of the New York Slayer team.

Many other Potentials were seen but not named or only appeared momentarily - Potentials in Istanbul, Germany and Britain who were killed by Bringers or Caleb, and about twenty others who were seen in Buffy's house. Several who didn't make it to Sunnyvale were seen being activated as Slayers in the final scenes of the series; a teenager at school, a much younger girl playing baseball, a teenager in India who collapses, a teenager in Japan eating with her family, and a teenager in a trailer who appeared to be being bullied by her father at the moment of activation. Many others are introduced as activated Slayers in the Season 8 and later comics.

Fannish Opinion

Most of the Potentials were well received; the main exception was Kennedy, who was seen as an interloper taking the place of Willow's previous lover Tara Maclay, discussed in more detail in her entry. Of the remaining Potentials Amanda, Vi, and Dana probably receive most attention in fan works; Amanda and Dana because we know more of their back-stories than the other potentials, and Vi because she was easily recognizable and seemed slightly quirky (and possibly because Felicia Day is a better-known actress than the other Potentials). The girl seen playing baseball in the activation scene has also appeared in several stories, although we know nothing about her. Many authors have invented new Potentials / Slayers for their stories.

None of these characters were given a surname in canon, and it is common for them to be given one which fits the needs of a plot, e.g. to make them a member of another character's family. Another common practice is to use the surname of the actress who played the character, so that (for example) Kennedy becomes "Kennedy Limon", Amanda becomes "Amanda Hagen".

In crossovers most prominent canon female characters in their teens or twenties (sometimes older or younger) have probably been written as Potential or new Slayers at least once; common examples include Darcy Lewis, Ginny Weasley (but not Hermione Granger, who is more likely to end up as a Watcher), Veronica Mars, Donna Moss, River Tam etc.

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