When the Clock Strikes

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Name: When the Clock Strikes
Date(s): 2003
Founder: skywaterlv
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Associated Community:
URL: When the Clock Strikes
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When the Clock Strikes is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfiction challenge, to write about the activation of Potentials that occurred during the S7 finale 'Chosen', timezone by timezone. Organised by skywaterlv, it ran once in 2003.

This challenge is sprung out of my desire to see the stories of all the girls impacted by Buffy's decision at the end of Chosen. All around the world, girls would wake up, or suddenly just be, a little more powerful. What would the girl in Kenya do, or the girl in Bangledesh? I wanted to run a challenge just for them, so that I could hear their stories.
But I couldn't come up with an idea to center that challenge on. A girl for every country in the world was too many. A girl for every continent was not enough. Until one day it came to me: timezones. After Willow's spell, all around the world, at the same time, yet an entirely different time, girls were 'waking up' to their new-found power. By assigning the writer a timezone, it is still a challenge: the author has to come up with an idea for that part of the world, as well as an entirely new member of the Chosen Many.


Fourteen stories were written by thirteen participants. Not all timezones were covered, and two stories were accidentally written for GMT +5.

Reviews & Recs

Espresso Addict recommended the challenge archive: Willow's spell called Slayers all around the world. This intriguing challenge encouraged writers to tell their stories.[1] Several of the stories were recommended at Better Buffy Fics and Espresso Recommendations, including those by Karen, Mosca & Nwhepcat.[2][3]


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