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Name: Working Stiffs
Dates: 2000-2009 (Wayback dates)
Type: resource site
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: (Wayback)
Working Stiffs-A Resource for X-Files Fan Fiction Writers.png
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Working Stiffs is a resource site for X-Files fanfiction writers.
Do only men have dangling participles? I love reading fanfic–does that mean I'm a good beta reader? Can I get sued for this? How do I get unblocked when I can't even finish a coherent...uh...uh...?
These are some of the questions that this site wants to answer. Every month new articles on writing by fanfic authors will be featured. You're the experts. Some of you painstakingly craft your stories, and some of you just crack your knuckles and start typing. Everyone approaches the writing process differently, and here at Working Stiffs we celebrate those differences. [1]
About the site:
Working Stiffs is the brainchild of Nicola Simpson. A published and agented writer, Nic's first fanfic was posted to in January 1995. Five and a half years later, Nic and a fellow author were lamenting the lack of technical resources for fan fiction writers, and a monster was born.
Thanks to the enthusiasm and support of dozens of fanfic authors, and the web design expertise of Izzyvision, Working Stiffs was launched in October 2000. Managing the site is a big job, but has been made easier with the welcome addition of veteran author Megan Reilly as a contributing editor in November 2000.
We really hope this site will be a valuable resource to the fanfic community, for authors and readers. Our goal isn't to teach or preach, or offer snarky put-downs on newbie authors or style choices (although poor spelling and grammar will never be acceptable). We want visitors to leave Working Stiffs inspired to write, or at least to think about their work and how to make it more compelling.[2]
The site was hosted by GeoCities.

Regarding Its Creation

From Nicola Simpson in September 2000:
In fact, I'm in the middle of putting together a web site right now that will be devoted to writing resources for fanfic authors, including original articles on the craft of writing by your favorite authors, extensive interviews, and links to useful resources. Unlike the Witches' site, Working Stiffs will be a place that hopes to encourage fanfic writers to look at their work a little more closely, not condescend or criticize. I really hope that everyone here visits and finds it valuable and affirming of the creative potential of this newsgroup. [3]
From Nicola Simpson in October 2000:
Alrighty! My team of crackpot--I mean *crackerjack* designers, betas and

bottle washers has been slaving away, and I'm ready to go public. Or postal. Working Stiffs: A Resource for X-Files Fan Fiction Writers is now online at:

There is *no* music, and a no-frames version is available.

Working Stiffs is *not* a fic archive--it is devoted to the writing process. Come read articles on smut, characterization, plotting, legal issues and more by your favorite fanfic authors, including Narida Law, Megan Reilly, Plausible Deniability, EPurSeMouve, syntax6, Sheryl Martin, Lara Means and more!

Read a no holds barred interview with author Leyla Harrison, in which she talks about rapefic, cancerfic, feedback, and her approach to writing fanfic.

If you would like to contribute to Working Stiffs or if you're interested in linking to us, please e-mail me. Also, if you're a reader lurking out there who is *not* also an author, please contact me if you'd like to be profiled (anonymously, if you prefer) for our upcoming section, Reader Revelations.

Working Stiffs will have new content on a weekly basis, and new features are in the works. I will post a brief message every week to let everyone know when new stuff is online.

I hope that everyone in the fanfic community finds the site, and finds it valuable. It's been a hell of a lot of fun to put together, and I hope it continues to be fertilized by the enthusiasm and expertise of all the great authors we read every day. [4]


The site features interviews with:


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