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Name/s: S.
Fandom/s: Haikyuu, Star Trek, a bunch of stuff!
You can find me at:
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me
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I've been in fandom since the early 2000s! Mostly anime and manga, but now I'm finally getting into the standard stuff like Marvel and Star Trek.

I became a Fanlore Gardener in September 2020! \o/

Pages I started

Existing Pages to Work On

Pages to Start

  • [1] - 1980s Doctor Who charity single to petition to bring the show back from hiatus
  • Character shrine website pages (go through bookmarks....)
  • Anime club 90s retrospective: [2] (and associated links)

Useful Templates/Infoboxes/Notices etc

  • Template:Distinguish
    • "This article is about X. You may be looking for Y, see Y Article"
  • Template:Other_uses
    • "This article is about the (topic). For the (some other topic), see X. For other uses, see X (disambig page)."

Wiki Formatting

Just copying a few things here so I don't have to look for them later...

Attributed source in quote

This combines the Quotation template with a reference/citation:

Now you can have the author's name appear under the quote, AND be linked to a footnote! How magical.
Mokuroh, also you can add wikilinks: Fanlore [1]
{{Quotation| Now you can have the author's name appear under the quote, AND be linked to a footnote! How magical.| source = Mokuroh, also you can add wikilinks: [[Fanlore]] <ref>Mokuroh, "Wow, wiki code!" [ Some Website Here].</ref>}}
  1. ^ Mokuroh, "Wow, wiki code!" Some Website Here.