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Fanwriter, academic, trivia-lover.


Harry Potter, Merlin, Supernatural, Lewis (ITV), Torchwood, Doctor Who - and interest in loads more!

Mission statement

To fill out however many wanted pages I can manage. At the very least create stubs that can easier be filled out by others. Edit here and there where I have significant stuff to add/the time to do a more thorough entry.

To do


  • Watchmen Because that cannot stand! ;-)
  • Alan Moore (should he be a category? This will create more wanted pages)
  • Eames (can create a stub at the least for this one)
  • Duran Duran - create stub, possibly linked to some of the linked-to pages that relate
  • Cobb Should at least create the stub since I made it appear when Eames was fleshed out. Set up redirect from Dom Cobb
  • A page for Inspector Lewis from Lewis (ITV) and Inspector Morse. (Need to decide on name. Robert Lewis, Inspector Lewis. Lewis (character). All are options.
  • From Hell There are a few fic on AO3. Create stub.