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Pairing: Uhura/Chapel
Alternative name(s): Chuhura
Gender category: Femslash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Rare
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Uhura/Chapel is the femslash pairing of Uhura and Christine Chapel in Star Trek: The Original Series fandom.

Fans of this pairing sometimes half-jokingly say that them kissing in the episode What Are Little Girls Made Of was the "first interracial kiss in the TV history" rather than Kirk/Uhura kiss in Plato's Stepchildren.


Kismet by Dani Morin in Obsc'zine #2 is a story some fans consider one of the very earliest examples of femslash in a media zine. In "Kismet", Uhura and Chapel, lovers, speculate on the gossip that Kirk and Spock are, too. Obsc'zine #2 was published in August 1977.

Another early Uhura/Chapel story is A Time Out Of Fragment by Paula Smith, a short non-explicit parody of the famous A Fragment Out of Time. It describes Chapel waiting for a mysterious lover and ends with the lines: "The door glided open; Christine's heart sped. She could never mistake that body; it was her love. The slender form approached as Christine reached out for the dusky hands and said lovingly, 'Uhura.'" It was published in Warped Space #20 in October 1976.

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