COCO CHANNEL Interview with Scarlet

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Interviews by Fans
Title: "An interview with the author"
Interviewer: Karmen Ghia
Interviewee: Scarlet
Date(s): August 1999
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Star Trek
External Links: An interview with the author at The Scarlet Zone (Wayback link)
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In August 1999, Scarlet responded to questions posed by The Society for Slash Diversity and COCO CHANNEL. It was posted on Scarlet's own website, The Scarlet Zone, as "An interview with the author".

Scarlet noted: "This is really just my answers to a survey made by Karmen Ghia on the Society For Slash Diversity mailing list in August 1999."

Although conducted at a similar time, it was not among the COCO CHANNEL interviews posted to the COCO CHANNEL website, and the interview follows a different format than ones on the website. See List of Star Trek Fan Interviews.


SSD: If you write Slash and/or FanFic, how much and what did you read before the 'hey-man-I-wanna-do-this!' light went on?

I had only read a few stories on the Trekslash site when that 'hey-man-I-wanna-do-this!' light went on. But at the same time, the red warning light started blinking to remind me that English is not my native language, I don't know enough about the Trekiverse (have always been too busy drooling over the gorgeous characters to pay any attention to technical details), and anyway I couldn't write erotica to save my life even in my own language. I did toy with the idea of writing something about a really odd couple, like Chapel/Uhura, in the hope that somebody would say, "well, nice try, kid, at least you show some IDIC spirit." I actually started on that story. I quickly tore it up, and the world is a better place for it.

SSD: Who was your first beta and how did you and he/she get together?

You should remember, Karmen -- it was you! I sent you feedback for your first post to ascem, the enchanting The Return. In your reply, you asked if I had written any stories of my own. I of course replied that this was impossible because of the language barrier. You very kindly answered that you did not believe this would be a problem, and graciously offered to check the language if I decided to give it a try. I started writing that very night.

SSD: What are your top five favorite stories?

Not necessarily in this order:

Surrender by Killashandra

Bitter Glass by Killashandra

Blood Claim by Jungle Kitty

The Uneasy Dancers by Jungle Kitty (sequel to Blood Claim)

Love Reign Over Me by Ruth Gifford and Varoneeka

There are many other stories that I love very much, but these are stories I regularly find myself remembering and contemplating.