Karmen Ghia

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Name: Karmen Ghia
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek: DS9
URL: some fiction is here, and here
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Karmen Ghia was a Trek writer.

Karnen Ghia, at least in 1999, was not a fan of print fans. "Me, I'm just a webizen so I know nothing of the printzine community, except for a brush or two with certain members. What is with those people? Are they really as uptight, narrow minded, hyper critical/sensitive and condescending as they seem or am I really just too fucked up to see their good points?"

Some Contemporaries

A Series of Interviews

This fan did a series of interviews with other fans. See COCO CHANNEL Interviews.

Some Fic

  • After the Rescue (Star Trek: TOS, Spock/McCoy, NC-17) (1999)
  • Talljet Quartet (Star Trek: DS9, G/B, NC-17)


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