Scarlet (ST: TOS fan)

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Name: Scarlet
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS, Felicity, Pokémon, JAG
URL: The Scarlet Zone: (Wayback link)
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Scarlet is a slash author with a primary focus on Star Trek: TOS. Her website was The Scarlet Zone. She also had fiction posted at the COCO CHANNEL archive.

Fannish History

Scarlet writes about discovering fandom in a 1999 interview for COCO CHANNEL:

[I have been reading fanfic] since autumn 1998, when I got access to the Internet. I had heard about K/S printzines a few years before that and had figured out that they would have moved onto the web by then. [...] I roamed the net for several days before finding the Trekslash archive, since I didn't know words like fanfic, slash or treksmut. But when I finally got there -- I was like a child in a candy store.

Her first story was "How Thor Got His Hammer Back", which she describes as "a sort of humorous K/S A/U PG-13 thing." Karmen Ghia was her first beta reader; they met through ASCEM.[1]


1999 Golden Orgasms

  • Best TOS Single Part, third place (tie), "One Night On Rura Penthe"
  • Best TOS Challenge, first place, "The Dr. Birch Suite"; second place, "One Night On Rura Penthe"
  • Best Kirk/Chekov, first place, "Encounter On Mount Olympus"; second place, "Mount Olympus Revisited"
  • Best Kirk/m, second place, "One Night On Rura Penthe"
  • Best TSU, first place, "St. Lucia Meets Dr. Birch"

2000 Golden Orgasms

  • Best TOS Challenge, third place, "From the Time Of the Beginning"
  • Best Non-TOS Poem or Filk, first place, "The Invisible Muse"


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