The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

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Title: The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Author(s): pongnosis
Date(s): 24 December 2016 - 27 January 2019
Length: 531,430 words (AO3)
553,253 words (FFN)
Genre: gen, AU
Fandom: Alex Rider
External Links: The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (AO3)
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (FFN)

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The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea is an Alex Rider story by pongnosis. It has more than half a million words and 98 chapters.


Alex always knew his curiosity and impulsiveness would get him into trouble. It got him tangled up with MI6, after all. He hadn't expected it to land him in the middle of SCORPIA as Yassen Gregorovich's apprentice. No pairings, AU after Skeleton Key.

The story has turned into a shared universe and fans describe it as a landmark fic that might have shifted the fandom away from K Unit-focused stories and has led to more Yassen-focused content.[1]

Recs and Reviews

Are you really in the Alex Rider fandom if you haven’t gone through the big milestone of reading ‘the devil and the deep blue sea’ by pognosis?[2]


Certainly one of the fandoms best and most successful fanfictions. A very long fic, the grammar stays consistently brilliant and the characters and plot are so well developed and thought out, you often mistake it for canon when you read. It is a unique take on the series and overall, a must read for an Alex Rider (and Yassen) fan.[3]

jasmineskies at TV Tropes

If I had to recommend one piece of fanfiction in any fandom to every person in the world, it would be this one. It’s a well-researched masterpiece with high-quality writing, impeccable characterization of canonical characters and OCs, and a captivating plot. There’s a reason it’s inspired so many spinoffs (check out the collection by Valaks if you’re curious, but not before reading Devil!) Rated Teen, Complete. Canon divergence after Skeleton Key.[4]


Another classic. Alex trains as Yassen's apprentice post-Skeleton Key, and becomes entangled in the world of assassination. The worldbuilding is gorgeous, the characters are as clever as they should be, and the mentor relationship between Yassen and Alex is fascinating. Whenever I reread this, I'm absorbed for days.[5]


Works in inspired by the story

See Collection of Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Inspired Works and the tag pongnosis' The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Universe

[...] some fantastic people have written stories set in the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea-verse and I want to squeal about them and share them (and coo over them and hoard them like a dragon’s treasure, as you do.) I’ve mentioned it elsewhere before, but anything in Devil that might be useful to someone else is free to a good home. Or a bad home. Or a kinky crackship one. I’m just delighted people enjoy it![6]


Alex from The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, art by Oceanbreeze7 aka. Kae or digitalta (2019)



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  • [Podfic] The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by LeonardDaQuirm
  • The first two chapters have been translated into French by Maelyra: Entre le Diable et la mer bleue profonde.