Six-Headed Shoal

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Title: Six-Headed Shoal
Author(s): Oceanbreeze7
Date(s): 22 June 2019
Length: 12,898 words
Genre: gen
Fandom: Alex Rider
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Six-Headed Shoal is an Alex Rider story set in The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea universe.

Summary: Artificial Intelligence can not factor for Human Spontaneity. Machines cannot hold places of power. Yassen Gregorovich must be human after all. Or: A study in the slow re-humanization of Yassen Gregorovich

Recs and Reviews

Yassen Gregorovich spent fifteen years as an assassin before his promotion to the Board - and then, after everything, as the co-head of SCORPIA. But the qualities that make the most lethal and successful assassin in the world are not necessarily the same ones that will let him rule SCORPIA alone once Dr Three retires and Three has too much invested in his retirement to see a minor issue like that get in the way. Somewhere beneath the repressive mess that is Cossack is Yassen Gregorovich - and Three intends to rehumanize him by whatever means necessary. The slow destruction of Cossack to recreate Yassen is hilarious and chilling and terrifying and heart-wrenchingly sad, and all the more so when we see it through Alex’s eyes, who has only ever seen Yassen as ruthlessly in control.[1]


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