In Medias Res (Alex Rider story)

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Title: In Medias Res
Author(s): Temeritous
Date(s): 19 January 2021 - 05 March 2021
Length: 40,729 words
Genre: gen
Fandom: Alex Rider
External Links: In Medias Res (AO3)

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In Medias Res is an Alex Rider story by Temeritous. It is set in The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea universe.

Summary: Things haven't been great since Ian woke up in captivity four days ago, and they're about to get worse. And a lot more confusing.

The relationship between Joe Byrne and Alex from The Devil Went Down to Georgia is incorporated to some degree in the story. [1] For example texting and sending birthday cards:

“Joe Byrne?” Ian said in a strangled voice. For clarification, he added, “You’re texting the Director of the CIA, Joe Byrne?”

“I send him birthday cards, too,” Alex said, his attention mostly back on the laptop. “He keeps asking for my address so he can return the favor.”

Ian looked around the transport at the combat team. “Birthday cards,” he said flatly.

Marcus shrugged. “Mister Gregorovich told him he should stop.”

Recs and Reviews

It’s a pretty usual story. After your spy brother and his wife get killed in a plane bombing, you (who are also a spy) take in his son. But then you get killed. Oops. And somehow find yourself yanked into the future, where the aforementioned nephew now works for the organization that was responsible for your death. And he has a disturbingly close relationship with the guy who killed you. And your brother is alive. You know, typical. Ongoing work with high-quality writing, excellent characterization, and some brilliant twists. I do not exaggerate when I say that every time I get a notification that it’s been updated, I scream a little. General audiences, complete. Takes place post-chapter 96 of DDBS.[2]


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