The Devil Went Down to Georgia

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Title: The Devil Went Down to Georgia
Author(s): galimau & Valaks
Date(s): 24 November 2020 - 30 January 2021 (update chapter 5)
Length: 13,527 words (5/8)
Genre: gen
Fandom: Alex Rider
External Links: The Devil Went Down to Georgia (AO3)

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The Devil Went Down to Georgia is an Alex Rider story by galimau & Valaks. It is incomplete and set in The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea universe.

Summary: Retirement had been rough for Joe Byrne. Years of pushing his mind to the breaking point analyzing global trends and threats and suddenly the most stimulating thing he had was a sudoku puzzle and the direct line to the head of SCORPIA that he hadn’t quite had the heart to turn in after years of undisclosed tip offs mixed in with splashes of humor. Not that Rider would give it up either, from everything he knew about him he was isolated and ruthless and got dangerously attached to the people close by. Byrne was one of the lucky few. Which is why he shouldn’t have been surprised when Alex Rider showed up at his door on Thanksgiving day with a bottle of tequila and a smile.

Recs and Reviews

I never knew that I wanted to know more about the private life of Joe Byrne until I read this gem! Devil!Alex has a somewhat better relationship with Joe Byrne than with, say, the goons at MI6. So naturally, when he finds himself in the States one November, he decides to crash the Byrne family Thanksgiving. Poor Alex. No Englishman (or really anyone outside the American South) is prepared for southern sweet tea (aka diabetes in a pitcher). Mind the tags because you don’t want to miss out on the many, many puns! General audiences, incomplete. Takes place post-chapter 96 of DDBS.[1]