Age of Anxiety

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Title: Age of Anxiety
Author(s): galimau
Date(s): 01 June 2019 - 09 June 2019
Length: 1,911 words
Genre: gen
Fandom: Alex Rider
External Links: Age of Anxiety (AO3)
First page and cover of "Age of Anxiety"

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Age of Anxiety is a fake "The Economist" news article set in The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea universe. The date of the article is September 16, 2024.

Summary: Ten years later, the world looks back. Set in the future of Pongnosis' fic, The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

The article includes the "Age of Anxiety" cover of the magazine and page 44 - 47 with the anonymously published feature article "A Mercenary State of Mind". The first part of the feature article teases that there is a report on "Current and past SCORPA leadership" and page 48, but we dont't get to see it. The article includes a picture of "Alex Rider, age 14. INTERPOL" on page 46 which is a picture of Otto Farrant who was by then already cast for the role of the 2020 Alex Rider TV series. It also includes an image from The Night Manager on page 47 to illustrate "Mercenaria Forces in Algeria. Man at center left presumed SCORPIA operative."

Recs and Reviews

Age of Anxiety is the story of Alex in the future, as seen by the outside world. If you strip the motivations and the internal politics and the kid who grew up to be maybe not what he wanted to become but still determined to make the best of it - what do you get? When Yassen’s retirement can just as easily be interpreted as a coup, when Three and Yassen have carefully picked what the world knows about Alex’s career, and when Alex bears thirty years of SCORPIA’s bloody, violent history on his shoulders? You get the head of the biggest freelance terrorist organisation in the world. It’s beautifully written, hits the article tone just right, and it’s visually amazing as well![1]


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