Retribution (Alex Rider story)

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Title: Retribution
Author(s): Lil_Lupin
Date(s): 14 October 2020
Length: 9,877 words
Genre: gen
Fandom: Alex Rider
External Links: Retribution (AO3)

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Retribution is an Alex Rider story by Lil_Lupin.

Summary: Some of Yassen's loose ends catch up with him - or, more specifically, Alex. Yassen deals with the consequences. Set in the wonderful world of pongnosis's "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea". (Written for a prompt from mobilisinmobili: One really close call. Alex keeps flatlining. Yassen is halfway around the world mid-op but they tell him anyway - just in case. Spoilers for Russian Roulette.)

Recs and Reviews

If you want balls-to-the-wall, Beatrix Kiddo mid-roaring rampage of revenge-level protective Yassen, this is the fic for you (also Dulce Periculum if that really appeals to you). And even if you weren’t searching for that particular kind of story, I’d still suggest you give it a shot. It’s good, trust me. General audience, complete. Takes place after chapter 96 of DDBS.[1]

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