Blood Pact

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Title: Blood Pact
Author(s): Zyzyax
Date(s): 15 July 2019
Length: 3,218 words ( / 3,161 words (AO3)
Genre: gen
Fandom: Alex Rider
External Links: Blood Pact (AO3)
Blood Pact (

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Blood Pact is an Alex Rider story by Zyzyax. It is set in The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea universe.

Summary: Written for Spyfest 2019 week two. Prompt: "There's one secret everyone takes to the grave." Set in The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Pongnosis. This is a slight AU set in the time Alex is recovering from his bruised ribs at Malagosto. Alan Blunt retired early, but it was cut short.

Recs and Reviews

Orion has no secrets from the Board, no secrets from Dr Three, and certainly no secrets from Cossack. So how exactly did Alan Blunt’s head get delivered to Malagosto on a silver platter, with Alex’s name on the package? SCORPIA has questions and for once, Orion isn’t telling. Orion might not have secrets - but Alex Rider does. In which Alex made a deal in a moment of boredom, spite, and opportunity and didn’t really, actually expect anything to come of it. Sometimes, it’s nice to be proven wrong. It’s parts deeply satisfying to see Alex get his revenge and parts hilarious to see SCORPIA and Malagosto’s staff try to figure out exactly what’s going on and how he did it … and, just as fun, Alex’s confusion at being one of those big, scary monsters that go bump in the night.[1]


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