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Fan Comic
Title: Simply Potterific
Artist: Kt Shy and Shagster
Date(s): 2005 (or before)[1] - 2007 (last update)
First Published:
Medium: digital art
Genre/Style: fancomics
Fandom: Harry Potter
External Links: Simply Potterific Website
Simply Potterfic on deviantArt
Simply Potterific front image.jpg
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Simply Potterific is a series of Harry Potter fancomics by Kt Shy and Shagster. The comics mostly feature humourous retellings of or missing moments from canon.


  1. HARRY PORKER??? - Harry and Lupin's Patronus classes in PoA
  2. Malfoy's MANifestion - Neville's Boggart (and some Snape/Draco?)
  3. Gotta love those Marauders - The Marauders bully Snape
  4. Weasley Wake Ups - Fred and George
  5. The Night Course - Remus Lupin in PoA
  6. The Rat-Snack - Hermione and Ron in PoA
  7. Cry of the Rat-Snack - Lupin and Ron in PoA
  8. Revenge of the Rat-Snack - Potions class during PoA
  9. Tragically Sirius - Sirius in GoF
  10. Neville Takes a Stand - jinxing Neville in PS
  11. The Bliss of Ignorance - Hagrid's pink umbrella
  12. All Out of Jives - Arthur and Molly run into Lucius and Narcissa
  13. Harry Potter and the Half Baked Plot - Harry and Dumbledore in HBP
  14. Malfoy's Merrymaking - the Yule Ball
  15. Malfoy's Merrymaking: II - Draco/Hermione
  16. Malfoy's Merrymaking: III - Draco and Lucius
  17. Malfoy's Merrymaking: IV
  18. Malfoy's Merrymaking: V - Draco/Ginny
  19. Simply Potterific 19 - "Simply Potterific is about to get a whole lot sexier..."
  20. Simply Potterific 20 - Severus Snape: Professional Snog Hunter
    Interlude: Thanks for the 300k hits folks
  21. Insert super cool title here - The Room of Requirement and Mary Sues
  22. It's All Elementary - On the name "Hogwarts"
  23. Marauder Memories - The Marauders bully Snape
  24. Simply Potterific 24 - "dedicated to all y'alls who suggested or secretly hoped we might dabble in slashyness"
    Bonus: Snape's Secret - Severus Snape and his Patronus


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