Shonen Hump

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Title: Shonen Hump
Circle: G-COLA
Fandom: multi-fandom
Date/s: 2001, 2002
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Shonen Hump was the official English-language doujinshi produced for Yaoi-Con in 2001 and 2002 under the circle name of G-COLA.

Both the title of the doujinshi and the circle name are in-jokes. Shonen Hump is obviously a play on Shonen Jump, the most popular manga magazine in Japan, and G-COLA stands for "glowing cones of light", a reference to how censorship laws in Japan often result in porn with erased spaces where cocks should be.


front cover
back cover
  • Warehouse No. 08 by Erieri, Original
  • Resonance by Babypen, Gundam Wing
  • Ink by Deanna, Original
  • CMBR: The Red Lust by Lime B, Original
  • Vindication: An Interlude by P.L. Nunn, Saiyuki
  • Vindication: Interlude 2 by Wetheril & P.L. Nunn, Saiyuki
  • Dawn & the Dharma King by Tammy Lee & M Moneure're, Original
  • Even My Heart by Arrhae & Kamui, Arcadia of My Youth
  • Return by Neko M, Original
  • The Crest of Friendship by Grace Anderson, Digimon
  • A Day in the Life... by Em, Original
  • As Things Change by The Round Tuits, Devil & Devil
  • Nationalists by Littlemaiko, Suikoken 2
  • Hunting the Phoenix by Makkura, Fushigi Yuugi
  • Ode to a One Night Stand by Taffi Holiday & Pluto, Original
  • Moonless Night by Kasura, Original
  • Silent Melody by Sonya, Kaikan Phrase
  • Mismatch by Pluto, Angels Over
  • Partners by The Round Tuits, Twin Signal
  • Poses by Tracy, Original
  • Gift by Ashura, Original
  • Desert Wind by Nuriko Windchaser, Original
  • The Time in Between by Liesl, Original
  • Bound by Gina, King of Fighters
  • Inferno's Kiss by Kitsune & Ravynfire, Gundam Wing
  • Passionate Bonds by Patty, Original
  • Feathers in Stone by Rhonda, Slayers/Bakuretsu Hunters
  • Seduction Vanity & Taboo by Reynfire Dane, Original
  • Unicorn's Lair by Van Donovan, Original
  • Work Ethic by Phoenix K, Original
  • A True Peace by Kitsune, Gundam Wing

Front cover: Babypen
Back cover: Phoenix K


front cover
back cover
  • Saiyuki by Kinberuri
  • Lights by Sonya & Rose Argent, Sailor Moon
  • Cover proposal by Kavila
  • It's a Fan Service World by mdbl, Hikaru no Go
  • Waiter Boys by Deanna
  • Envy by Kinbuchan, Digimon
  • Cover proposal by Kavila
  • Otaku no Shonen-Ai Doujinshi by Arrhae & Kamui, Original
  • Voodoo by Saishi & JMI, Yu Yu Hakusho
  • Skirt by Pluto
  • Powerful Need by Tanny Lee, Final Fantasy VIII
  • Dreamscape by Jen the Ice Raptoress, Ranma 1/2
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors by Rhonda, Bakuretsu Hunters/Slayers
  • Impishie Shorts by Impishie, Multifandom
  • Secret Play by Jaki, Suikoden
  • Cover proposal by Sonya
  • An Unshallow Heart by Mercy & Chibimonnie, Yoroiden Samurai Troopers
  • Why by Kitsune, Ravyn fire & Katsu no Miko, Ayashi No Ceres
  • Happy Peach Time by Makkura & Ha-Chan, Rurouni Kenshin
  • Dissent by Olga, Original
  • Zel/Marron by Rhonda
  • A Tale of Koi and Lotus by Pluto & Taffi Holiday
  • Fish Tale by Kavila, Original
  • Art Strip by Kavila, Original
  • Yasha by Kasura, Tale of Genji
  • The Misadventures of Orjah the Elf by Deanna Echanique & Moon-Ying, Original
  • Tale of Genji by Kasura
  • Silver Moon Ascension by Reynfire Dane, Original
  • Heaven Scent by ScooterX, Original
  • Shattered Eyes by Dreamspur/Sairi & Jaeny, Original
  • Divine Council by Cristal, Original
  • Masks by Nuriko Windchaser, Original
  • After, in the Dark by BlackRose, Vagrant Story
  • Makkura by Makkura
  • Sanctuary by M Moneure're & Tasukibeth, Original
  • So... I guess this is... Goodbye by Limebarb, Malice Mizer
  • Blood Stained Illusions by PL Nunn, Weiss Kreuz
  • Almost Aware by Alexis, Original
  • Waiting Game by Liesl, Original
  • Confessional Sins by Tarot, Original
  • Touch of Grace by Tpod, Original
  • One Night Stand by Ashura, Original
  • The Frailty, the Fading by Dee, Original
  • Cover proposal by Jenn