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Name: Arrhae
Alias(es): cygnebleu, schadenfreude, Chibi Une
Type: fan writer, fan artist, reviewer
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Les Misérables, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Gundam Wing, others
Communities: Deatheater World Fiction
URL:, later (defunct)
cygnebleu at LiveJournal (defunct)
schadenfreude at Journalfen (defunct)
irovehementi at Blogspot
arrhae at DeviantArt
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Arrhae is a multifandom fanfiction author.

Arrhae has been writing fanfiction since the late 1990s. She frequently collaborated with Winged Kamui, with whom she wrote fanfiction and ran the multifandom fanfic review blog Deatheater World Fiction.

Her bio at Deatheater World Fiction circa 2002 reads: "Arrhae is an otaku doujinshika geek, obsessed with slash and vanilla coke. Her favorite pairings are Snape/Quirrel, Snape/Lupin, and any permutation of Percy/Marcus/Oliver."[1]

She deleted her LiveJournal in 2006 or later.

Example Work


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