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Name: Deatheater World Fiction (happydementor)
Date(s): February 2002 – July 2003
Founder: Arrhae and Winged Kamui
Type: review blog
Fandom: Harry Potter, multifandom
URL:, previously

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Deatheater World Fiction (happydementor) was a fanfiction review blog active in 2002 and 2003. It was run by Arrhae and Winged Kamui.

The blog was started on Blogspot and moved to LiveJournal in August 2002.

Its tagline at Blogspot was "Fanfic review for cynical readers and thick skinned authors." Its LiveJournal description states:

"Deatheater World Fiction is a conglomerate of fanfic addicts who review things, mostly Harry Potter but other fandoms as well, that we find randomly on FFN."

Stories Reviewed