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Name: merripestin
Type: fan fiction writer, podficcer
Fandoms: Babylon 5, Blakes 7, Doctor Who, Jeeves & Wooster, Lord of the Rings, The Mikado, One Foot In The Grave, Robin of Sherwood, Sherlock, The Talisman
URL: GeoCities site; @AO3; @audiofic archive; @LJ
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Merripestin is a fan author, active since the early 2000s, who writes in multiple fandoms, particularly Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings (mainly Frodo/Sam) and Sherlock. She also records podfic.

Merripestin: GeoCities site

Her fanfiction site was hosted on GeoCities; it is part of the OTW's GeoCities Rescue Project.

Example Fanfiction

  • Safe Distance. Sherlock novel; Sherlock/John
  • Engastrimyth. LotR. Widely recommended horror short in which Frodo is corrupted by the Ring. Te writes an honest-to-God screamer of a tale all about the subtlety of the serpent within ourselves, and the death of hope. / Beautifully done.[1]
  • The Last Shreds of Autumn. LotR novelette; Frodo/Sam at Rivendell. Serai1 writes Complex, rich with details, and capturing both Frodo and Sam beautifully, as well as all the other characters involved in the Rivendell segment of LOTR. One of the beat elements of this story is the deeply chilling nightmare that troubles Frodo's sleep. Lovely prose, sharp and well written.[2]


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